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Autumn 2018

Week beginning 17th December


This week we have had a wonderful build up to Christmas. We loved singing to our parents/carers and other family members at the coffee morning - we are feeling very festive now. We have also enjoyed our Christmas party. Amongst all the celebrations, we have managed to complete our WW2 planes and evaluate these designs.


We are sad to say Goodbye to Miss Thorpe for a few months but we are excited to say that Miss Taylor will be covering PPA in 6CN all day on Mondays and 6SC on Wednesday mornings. Mrs Taylor will be covering 6HC on Monday mornings and 6RN on a Monday afternoons.


We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break and we can't wait to see you all on 7th January.


Team 6 :)


Next Half Term:


Next half term, we will begin our new topic on the environment as well as beginning our new PSHE unit whereby we explore how to develop a healthy mind (mental health awareness). In Science, we will be studying evolution and in RE we will be learning about the Buddhist faith. A busy and prosperous term ahead.  

Week beginning 10th December


This week you have completed your autumn assessments - we are very proud of how hard you have all worked.

We have finished off our Focussed Writing topic by watching the film of 'The Boy in Striped Pyjamas'. We have created model houses and alarm circuits in science and had a mini football tournament in P.E. We have also been practising our Christmas songs ready for coffee morning next week. We look forward to seeing lots of parents/carers in the audience.


Next Week

We will be finishing off our D.T project and having our final WW2 lessons.


Thursday 20th December 9.15am is our Christmas performance for parents- don't forget to keep learning the words to our songs. Then in the afternoon it is our Year 6 Christmas Party- don't forget your party outfit and party food!


Year 6 Team



Week beginning 3rd December

This week we enjoyed WW2 day. We made air raid shelters, medals and created some fantastic pieces of art. In the afternoon we welcomed some of our grandparents into school; they shared their experiences of war. Thank you again to Shauna's grandfather, Reuben's grandparents and Jack's grandparents.


Next week...

Is assessment week (wahoo I hear you cry!). Each child will sit past SATs papers in reading, maths and SPaG. These will be sent home during the last week for you to go over with your parents.


It is also Christmas jumper day and Christmas dinner day on Wednesday 12th December. Alongside this, to complete our focused writing unit, year 6 will be enjoying watching The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas.


Team 6




Week Beginning 26.11.18


This week we have enjoyed exploring more in science about circuits and how they work. We have began to write a biography of a famous person - next week we will be writing about ourselves in an autobiography. We have continued our work in RE on Judaism, in particular Hanukkah which begins this Sunday (2nd December).



Next week:

We are very exited about WW2 Day on Wednesday 5th - don't forget to dress up as someone from the war period e.g. a soldier, a member of the Women's Land Army, an air raid warden or someone from that era. We have lots of fun activities for the children to participate in during the day.We will also be studying more about our rights as part of PSHE and relate this to refugees throughout the world. Our FW book (Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) is approaching the climax which will unfold over the next two weeks!!!!


Reminder: Please bring in something holey to 'make do and mend' with and a shoe box or cereal box to use in Science and DT.

Week beginning 19.11.18


This week we have enjoyed careers week. We experienced a fantastic workshop on Wednesday with lots of adults all talking about their jobs. We hope you are feeling inspired. Most of our literacy work and some other lessons were all based around this theme. Remember, you can be whatever want!

Next week:

In History, we will be studying ‘make do and mend’. We are continuing our work on the ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’, which is getting very interesting! We are then going to be studying biographies in literacy.



Next week you will need to bring in an item of clothing i.e a sock, with a hole in it. We will be attempting to ‘make do and mend’ as part of our history week.

Also, just a little reminder that World War 2 day is on the 5th December. Start thinking about your costumes. We already have ours.

Team 6 :-)

Week beginning 12th November 2018

This week year 6 visited the holocaust centre in Newark. It was an eye-opening experience. Their behaviour was impeccable - the staff even commented on how wonderful our children were.

Alongside this, we have continued our circuits work in Science; learnt French vocabulary related to the family and raised lots of money for Children In Need - what a busy week! We also enjoyed 6RN's class assembly.


Next week

Next week is Careers Week. On Wednesday there will be a careers workshop in the hall which our children will visit. Our literacy will be based around careers week too.

Next Friday, children are invited to dress in clothes of their dream career. For example, a doctor, footballer, teacher (Mr Newell has spare ties!), plumber, gymnast - the list is endless!


Team 6 :-)

Week Beginning 5th November

This week we have had a Remberance assembly and shared your fantastic homework- we were very very impressed with your efforts.

We have looked at electricity in Science and found out about the Hindenburg disaster in Literacy. We have also looked at empathy in character curriculum lessons and had some brilliant discussions about how to resolve different scenarios.


Next week :

We are going on our trip to Beth Shalom:

Tuesday 13th 6SC and 6CN

Wednesday 14th 6HC and 6RN


On Thursday it is going to be 6RN's class assembly - we would love to see as many parents as possible.


On Friday it is Children in Need Day so don't forget to wear pjyamas or spots!



Week 7 (week beginning 15th October)

This week we enjoyed 6CN's class assembly which took us on a journey around the world - it was brilliant! We also had two great parents' evenings - we enjoyed sharing all of your hard work so far.

We have had a great first half term in year 6. From all the teachers and TAs in year 6, we would like to say a big thank you for how you have settled; we have an incredibly hardworking cohort of children. Well done!


Next half term we have lots to look forward to: Beth Shalom, designing and making WWII aeroplanes and our WWII day on the 5th December.


Enjoy your two break - we all deserve it!


See you back in school on Monday 5th November.

Team 6 :-)

Week 6 (week beginning 8.10.18)


This week you have all been working very hard completing your assessments. We are all very proud of the effort you have put in. These will be sent home over half term for you to go through with your parents.


Next week is our last week of this half term. On Monday and Tuesday we have parents evening.

In maths we will all be looking at time- this is an essential life skill so make sure you practise at home too. We will be finishing our science topic on the eye and light. We will also have our last gymnastic and basketball sessions.



Next Thursday (18.10.18) is 6CN's class assembly. We would love as many of 6CN's parents to come and watch as possible.

Also, just a little reminder that Conwy deposits are due by November the 9th. Payments can be made online


Team 6 :-)


Week 5 (week beginning 1.10.18)


What a fun week we have had! We particularly enoyed watching 6HC's class assembly all about different character traits.

In maths this week, we have continued our work on the four operations and applying this to problem solving. Remember to keep practising your times tables!!

In French we have been learning about different subjects in school and constructing sentences.


Next week is the start of Autumn 1 assessments. You child will sit a papers in reading, SPaG and maths. They will be sent home with your child in the final week for you to have a look over. Please be mindful that these are past SATs papers; there will inevitably be gaps in their knowledge as we have just scraped the surface of the year 6 curriculum.


We look forward to see you all at parents' evening on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th October - if you haven't already, please return your appointment requests, although the slot you want may well have been taken as we give them out on a first come first served basis. Speak to your teacher if you have any concerns.


Finally, just a little reminder that Conwy deposits are due by November the 9th. Payments can be made online.


Team 6 :-) 

Week Four (Week beginning 24th Septmeber 2018)

This week we have investigated how light travels in science, we have started our twisted fairytales in literacy and we have found out the effects of smoking in PSHE.


Next week we will be continuing our fairytales in literacy, looking at the blitz in history and creating WW2 scenes in art.


Important notes for parents:

- 6HC's class assembly next Thursday (4th) at 10am.

- Inset day on Friday 5th October


Week Three. (week beginning 17th September 2018)


This week we have enjoyed learning about how to create effective narratives in Literacy and about the important of religious symbols in R.E.


Next week we will delve deeper into our PSHE topic of drugs and medicines. In Literacy we will be creating our traditional tales (with a twist). In Art we will be looking at the work of Norman Wilkinson and shading techniques. Another interesting week ahead in year 6.

Please remember if you have any queries or concerns, come and see us! We are here to help J


Important notes for parents:

  • Heads up – 6HC's class assembly is on Thursday 5th October at 10am. We would love to see as many 6HC's parents as possible.


Team 6 :-)



Update (Friday 14th September)


This week we have enjoyed learning about the causes of WWII. We have also written some wonderful poems - what a talented bunch of kids we have in year 6!


Next week we will delve deeper into our topic work on WWII.  In Science we will making pinhole cameras (please bring a box in if you haven't already!). Another exciting week ahead in year 6.


Important notes for parents:

  • Heads up - 6SC's class assembly is on Thursday 20th September at 10am. We would love to see as many 6SC's parents as possible.
  • Please return any consent forms (brown envelope) if you haven't already


A number of parents requested the slides from Wednesday's meeting, due to license issues we cannot put it on the website. If you would like a copy please see your class teacher.


Team 6 :-)