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Autumn 2018

Week beginning 17.9.18


After all of the excitement of the boys football trials last week, it is now an opportunity for the girls to have a go. Miss Peat will be holding these trials on Wednesday lunchtime. Please see Miss Peat for more information.





Week beginning 10.9.18


This week sees swimming beginning for 5E and 5P! Please can you make sure that all children have their swimming kits with them and that all kit is clearly labelled so they don't lose any. We set off from school at about 1 PM and we will return by about 3PM ready to carry on learning until the end of the school day.

If you have kindly volunteered to help out, please either come to school reception for just before 1 and you can join us on the bus or if you prefer to meet us there, please wait in reception until we arrive.


This week also sees the boys' football trials take place for Year 5. These will be held at Wednesday lunchtime and the children, if chosen by Mr Precious and Mr Newell, will be invited back for a second trial on the Friday when the team will be confirmed.


This week in Literacy we will be carrying on working on our descriptive skills and trying to add our own spin to the book - How To Train Your Dragon.

In Science, we are grouping materials using scientific vocabulary such as brittle, fragile and hardness.


Anything you need, please ask.


The Year 5 Team



Week Beginning 3.9.18


Welcome back and a big welcome to Year 5.


This year we will be learning lots of new things as well as making sure you haven't forgotten anything from Year 4! We will be looking at lots of different topics including the Mayans and Space. This year, we will also be going swimming!


The Year 5 teachers are Mr Edwards (5E), Mr Precious (5P), Miss Marriot (5M) and Mrs Chohan/Mr Hartley (5CH). We are all very approachable and will answer any questions or concerns you may have; please drop by for a chat or ring the office and we will get back to you.


This week in Literacy we will be working on our descriptive language by starting on the book - How To Train Your Dragon - there is so much opportunity for great descriptive work and we can't wait to see what skills you can bring from Year 4.


We hope to have an excellent week and remember, we are here for any concerns you may have.


Year 5 Team