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Our Environment

Our school is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. 

To help us with this, we continue to work to reduce our energy usage, improve our recycling efforts, encourage biodiversity when improving our school grounds and encourage healthy lifestyles.


Our environmental group is made up of the 'World Helpers' at the infants and the 'Green Team' at the juniors.

Our environmental group is made up of the 'World Helpers' at the infants and the 'Green Team' at the juniors. 1

This group is made up of representatives from every class who come together regularly with a number of grown ups, to decide how together we can improve our environment for everyone and everything living within it.


Our Environmental Promise song

Our Eco Codes show the things that are important to us.

Message from our Environmental Group

Don't forget to recycle eye glasses in our recycling centre


During Green Week, we got together to help make a new bug hotel at the juniors.

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Picture 2
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Picture 6
 After two years of hard work, we were awarded our Green Flag
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Picture 2
Picture 3

Our Environmental Audit

In November, we toured both our sites to note where improvements could be made and planned our next steps. 


Did you know - Recycling 1 tonne of paper saves 17 trees.

We already recycle:

Paper, card, plastic, batteries, printer cartridges, pens and usable clothing.

Please bring your old batteries, pens and printer cartridges into school for recycling. Collection boxes can be found in the Year 1 corridor at the infant site and at various points at the junior site.

We have Phil the Bag collections twice a year - please save clean clothing, paired shoes, handbags, sheets, duvet covers,towels and curtains for these collections that raise money for green activities and opportunities in school.

Our compost heap is filling gradually and will soon be ready for use in our growing beds.

Classes can normally make use of old newspapers and packaging for box modelling. Please ask your class teacher if they are needed. 


We will soon be recycling glasses to help disadvantaged people with poor vision. Please save your old glasses.

Listen to our favourite recycling song!

Don't put your glass pots in the trash!

Picture 1 Phil the bag!
Picture 2 Up-cycling our waste packaging!
Picture 3 Recycle here


Q. Why did the gardener plant a light bulb?

A. He wanted to grow a power plant!

We noted that lights around school had been left on unnecessarily, so we made labels helping people to remember to reduce the amount of lighting used.

All our efforts have seen us move upward into the green section of our energy certificate!

Picture 1 Don't waste energy!
Picture 2 Gaining our SCORE accreditation
Picture 3 Are you saving the world?


Did you know - Hedgehogs have been declining in Britain as fast as tigers have been declining worldwide.

We love animals! We have all been learning about animals around us and those further afield. Some of us even look after Woolly at the weekends and during the holidays!

Year 1 won our potato growing competition proving that they know most about what plants need to grow! 


After an assembly about hibernating hedgehogs, we made our hedgehog friends a home in our school grounds for the winter.

It was then competition time to design a logo for Nottingham in Bloom and the city council's campaign to save our local hedgehogs!

Well done to Kara whose hedgehog Logo is a runner up and will be displayed in Victoria Centre later in the year!
Picture 1 Learning about animals
Picture 2 Plant anatomy
Picture 3 Life cycles

Green Week 2016

During Green Week, the infants learned about owls

Click on the resources below to help you with your research.

School Grounds

Did you know - Playing outside helps you concentrate in lessons.
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Picture 6

We are continuing to develop all of our outdoor areas to help take learning outdoors. 

This year we have focussed on improving the outdoor facilities for our new nursery. Our youngest children now have a new play area and a natural sensory garden to explore.


Next year we hope to develop an allotment area so that we can find out how to grow our own food. 

This will be alongside our new bottle greenhouse! 

Can you think of exciting ways to use our school grounds? If so, tell your World Helper and maybe we can make it happen!
Picture 1 Outdoor learning
Picture 2 Planting
Picture 3 Habitats around school
Picture 4 Nottingham in Bloom Gold award

Healthy Living

Did you know - Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day will help you stay healthy.
Do you always make healthy choices? 
How did you do collecting stickers on your Footprints card? Maybe you could ask to go on walks more often, especially in the good weather.
Picture 1 Trying a range of healthy snacks
Picture 2 Don't forget!
Picture 3 Keeping clean and healthy


Did you know - You can be charged £75 for dropping litter in the street.
There seemed to be a lot of litter in the front playgrounds. Remember to put all your rubbish in the bin - or better still, RECYCLE IT!
Picture 1 Street campaign
Picture 2 Litter is rubbish!


Did you know - Only 1% of the world's water can be used by humans - it's important not to waste a drop!

We noticed that some taps were left running. Remember to turn off drippy taps!

We have also been raising money to provide toilets in Africa to make the world a better place for everyone.


Picture 1 Save water - switch off dripping taps

Global Perspective

Did you know - Just £2.50 is enough to buy a mosquito net that will keep a child alive in Uganda.

Little things we all do can make big differences in the wider world. Mrs Orme told us about Fairtrade in assembly - remember to choose Fairtrade chocolate as a treat this Easter!


Picture 1 Superheroes raise money for disadvantaged children
Picture 2 Walking to help others
Picture 3 Fair Trade at home


We collected footprint stickers when we walked to school or at the weekends. 

During our recent Traffic Week of Action, we worked together with our community and the city council and Councillor Battlemuch to try to find safer ways to arrive at school.

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