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Meet the staff

If you have any SEND queries or concerns, our SENCOs can be contacted using our school email and contact details above or by using the SENCO email

Teaching Teams


Miss Morris, Mrs Titmus, Mrs Scott, Mrs Young, Miss Lowe, Miss Beech, Mr Gradkowski, Ms Chowdhury, Mr Bhumbra

Foundation1: Nursery

Miss Reeves, Miss Morris, Mrs Hetherington, Mrs Parry, Miss Chillman, Mrs Neda Mouhebat, Miss Ishaq, Mrs Hussain, Miss Elmaddah

Foundation 2: Reception

Mrs Kaur, Miss Tant, Miss Richardson, Miss Asher, Miss Oakland, Mrs Blundell, Mrs Johal-Smith, Mrs Hetherington, Mrs Keane, Miss Hackney, Mrs Ahmed, Mrs Virdi, Miss Hesketh, Mrs Jones, Mrs Preston, Mrs Wales

Year 1 Team

Mrs McLaughlin, Mrs Moss, Mrs Elliment, Miss Moore, Miss McGarvie, Miss Garaguso, Mrs Lambert, Mrs Bonella, Miss Smith, Mrs McParland, Mrs Fisher, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Kaur

Year 2 Team

Mrs Frost, Mrs Langley, Miss Hunt, Mrs Stirling, Mrs Deyzel, Mrs Chilton, Mrs Bonella, Mrs Roskilly, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Ahmed, Mrs Sharma, Mrs Graham, Ms Wakefield, Miss Beech, Mrs Benitez, Mrs Chohan

Year 3 Team

Mrs Dorrington, Mr Greenwood, Mrs Lander, Miss Allcock, Miss E Wilkinson, Miss Ashmore, Mr Tailor, Miss Coales, Miss M Wilkinson, Miss Hackney, Miss Straw

Year 4 Team

Mrs Golledge, Miss Hill, Mr Newell, Miss deVere, Mrs Duncan, Mrs Tomlinson, Mrs Semple, Miss Mullins, Mrs Chohan, Miss Hackney

Year 5 Team

Miss Cutts, Mrs Robinson-Wood, Mrs Broster, Mr Teague, Mrs Churchill, Mrs Shannon, Mrs Thompson, Mr Heron-Haynes, Mrs Jepson, Mrs Kalia, Mrs Russhard

Year 6 Team

Mr Wildman, Mrs Howard, Mrs Kearns, Miss Sharkey, Mr Hartley, Mr Gill, Mrs Semple, Mrs Sim, Mrs Russhard, Mrs Clifton

Office Team

Ms Frizelle, Mrs Bluett, Mrs Lambley, Mrs Graham, Mrs Mullahy, Mrs Folorunso

Site Team

Chris Hughes, Matt Hayton, Wayne Towl

Emails for all the teachers can be found on the year group pages, if you need to get in touch with them or you can reach them via the message function on Class Dojo.