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School Times


Morning session drop off: 8:35am - 8.40am  Pick Up: - 11.30am - 11:40am

Afternoon session drop off: 12:35pm - 12.45pm  Pick Up: - 3:35pm - 3.45pm

Full time session drop off: 8.35am - 8.45am  Pick Up: 3.35pm - 3.45pm

Your child will need to be collected by a responsible person who is over 16 and known to the Nursery staff. If there is a change to the person collecting your child, please let Miss Reeves or the Infant office know. 

Our morning and afternoon nursery sessions are 3 hours in length a day - 15 hours a week

Full Time Nursery Children total 32.5 hours a week

KS1 Children total 31.75 hours a week

KS2 Children total 32.25 hours a week


Reception  8:40-8:50am - 11:45am then 1:00pm - 3:25-3:35pm

Year 1 & Year 2 - 8:40-8:50am - 12:00 noon then 1:15pm - 3:25-3:35pm

Year 1 and 2 children have a daily break time. Year 1 - 10:15am - 10:30am and Year 2 - 10:35am to 10:50am.

Start & End of the School Day 
Please do not leave the children unsupervised before their class teacher receives them between 8:40 and 8:50am. Please take your child to their classroom outside door where they will be met by their teacher. Note that for safety reasons, playground doors are locked at 8:50am, registration time. 
If your child is late you must enter the building through the main entrance/reception area and sign your child in on the electronic screen. Failure to do this may result in your child not being registered. 

Children should be collected between 3:25pm and 3:35pm from their playground by a responsible adult known to their teacher. Please note that children cannot be collected by anyone under the age of 14.
Children will only be allowed to leave with an adult known to the dismissing teacher or staff member. If you need to change the person collecting your child, you must let the teacher and office know in advance.
If you are delayed when collecting your child, please contact the office as soon as possible. Any children collected after 3:35pm should be collected from the main entrance/reception area and signed out.


Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 -

Children go in - 8.35am - 8.45am

Lessons start - 8.45am

Children to be collected - 3.30pm - 3.40pm

KS2 children have a daily break time. Year 3 & 4 - 10.20am - 10.35am and Year 5 & 6 - 10.50am - 11.05am

Start & End of the School Day

If a child is late, they need to enter the building through the main reception entrance and sign the electronic entry screen.

Children should be collected from their designated entrance door between 3:30pm and 3:40pm by an adult. Please go to the classroom window to let your child know you have arrived.  If a child is not picked up by 3:40pm, they will be taken to reception to wait. Please let the school office know if you are going to be delayed.

Upper junior children (Year 5 and Year 6) may have agreed with parents to walk home independently, they can then leave school at 3:30pm.