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Spring 2018

w.c. 22nd January

We have a busy week in store and are looking forward to visiting the Hindu Temple on Wednesday morning and to Faith and Culture Day on Thursday.  This is always such a great day as we celebrate all the different cultures represented in school and the wider community.

We will also be attending the pantomime on Friday!

As if that isn't enough we also have our usual English, Maths and Topic.

English - The Magic Paintbrush - writing our own stories about what we would paint to make the world a better place.

Maths - Addition and Subtraction using a blank number line.

Topic - Art and the artist Hundertwasser.


by Hundertwasser - some of our versions will follow once we've done them!

by Hundertwasser  - some of our versions will follow once we've done them! 1

w.c. 15th January 2018

English - writing our own Katie Morag stories.

Maths - different units of measure, reading scales.

Topic - Geography - investigating the different continents of the world.

Seals will be doing Outdoor Learning on Monday during Enrichment - wellies might be useful!

Year 2 Curriculum Letter for spring 2018

Welcome back!  We hope you've had a lovely break.

w.c. 8th January 2018

Literacy - Katie Morag - writing descriptive sentences about people and places; using comparative language; comprehension about the stories. 

Texts:  Katie Morag delivers the Mail.  Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers.

Maths - Place value - hundreds, tens and ones.

Topic - Geography - The local area (Nottingham) - Landmarks