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Spring 2019

Happy Easter!


Boys and girls, you have worked your socks off this term - thank you from all of team 6. Have a wonderful break; enjoy eating chocolate and have a rest.


Please keep your brain ticking over by working through some of your revision guides - we advise you spend 15-20 minutes per day.


Take a look below at some photographs from the Easter hunt from today...



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Week beginning 1st April 2019

Another wonderful week in year 6, we had our first visit from the local police force, teaching the children all about community safety and on Friday, we had the pleasure of Key Strings, which took us on a swashbuckling adventure with music.


Also a massive well done to all the children during assessment week. You all tried extremely hard and each and everyone of you should be proud of yourself. Please have a good look over the papers that were sent home and think about how you can improve. Not long till SATs are all over!


Next week, we will be continuing our work on Trash, writing an exciting chase scene. We will also be finishing off our British Monarchy history topic. On Friday, we also have the annual 'Fernwood Easter Egg Hunt.' Plenty to look forward to.


Have a great weekend, team! :-)


Week beginning 18th March 2019

Another fantastic week in the kitchen with 6RN and 6CN baking their scrumptious cakes! Take a look at the photos below.


Next week The Nottinghamshire Police will be joining us for our PSHE lessons to talk to our children about being 'street aware'. They will discuss how to keep yourself safe and what to do in tricky real life situations.


It is also assessment week. Every child will complete past SATs papers in maths, reading and SPaG. These will be sent home marked in the final week.


Have a great weekend, team! :-)


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Week Beginning 11th March 2019

Another great week in year 6.

6HC and 6SC had  great fun in their baking sessions- what imaginative designs you had: beaches, melting ice-creams, waterfalls and popcorn explosions to name a few. They all looked and smelt delicious! Perhaps some Bake-Off stars of the future. 6RN and 6CN make sure you remember your ingredients next week!

In History we looked at Henry VIII and his many wives. In P.E we have been working on our tennis skills, practising our forehand and backhand and trying to maintain a rally.

Comic Relief on Friday was a great success and the talent show was great fun! What a talented bunch we have at Fernwood.

Baking 6HC and 6SC

Baking 6HC and 6SC 1
Baking 6HC and 6SC 2
Baking 6HC and 6SC 3
Baking 6HC and 6SC 4
Baking 6HC and 6SC 5
Baking 6HC and 6SC 6
Baking 6HC and 6SC 7
Baking 6HC and 6SC 8
Baking 6HC and 6SC 9
Baking 6HC and 6SC 10
Baking 6HC and 6SC 11
Baking 6HC and 6SC 12
Baking 6HC and 6SC 13
Baking 6HC and 6SC 14
Baking 6HC and 6SC 15
Baking 6HC and 6SC 16
Baking 6HC and 6SC 17
Baking 6HC and 6SC 18
Baking 6HC and 6SC 19
Baking 6HC and 6SC 20
Baking 6HC and 6SC 21
Baking 6HC and 6SC 22
Baking 6HC and 6SC 23
Baking 6HC and 6SC 24
Baking 6HC and 6SC 25
Baking 6HC and 6SC 26
Baking 6HC and 6SC 27
Baking 6HC and 6SC 28
Baking 6HC and 6SC 29
Baking 6HC and 6SC 30

Week Beginning 4th March 2019


We have had a great week this week; we have been writing persuasive letters in literacy, learning about fossil fuels in science, developing our knowledge to the British monarchy in history by learning about Alfred the Great and William the Conqueror.


But the most exciting thing this week was World Book Day! The children came dressed in some amazing costumes and created the most creative potions and recipes - we all had a fun packed day with a few 'explosions' along the well.......all part of making potions!


Well done to the competition winners for their wonderful gruesome World Book Day potions:

Freya (6CN)

Zoe (6SC)

Emma (6HC)

Ruby (6RN).


Next week, we will be continuing with our persuasive writing, learning about another famous monarch (Henry VIII) and baking cakes as part of our DT topic. Please ensure you have your ingredients on the following dates:


6HC - 12th March

6SC - 14th March

6RN - 19th March

6CN - 20th March

World Book Day - 7th March 2019

World Book Day - 7th March 2019 1
World Book Day - 7th March 2019 2
World Book Day - 7th March 2019 3
World Book Day - 7th March 2019 4
World Book Day - 7th March 2019 5
World Book Day - 7th March 2019 6

Week beginning 25th February 2019


A great first week back! We have enjoyed getting started on our new history topic: British Monarchy. Kids, perhaps you could tell your parents why King Alfred was SO great! Alongside this we had the annual road safety quiz - team 6 did us proud.


Next week is World Book Day (Thursday 7th of March). You should have received a letter with all of the information about the optional competition. If you haven't, please ask your class teacher for a copy. The theme for the day is Harry Potter - a personal favourite of Mr Newell! Please come to school dressed at your favourite book character or in your pyjamas.


Team 6 :-)

Week beginning 11.02.19

This week we have looked at informal letters in literacy and focused writing. In geography we have continued our topic on the environment looking at deforestation and global warming. We also made mandalas in R.E and had our last rugby lesson in games.

Today we had maths day. Some of us went to teach year 4 and year 2, some of us completed a maths hunt on the playground and some of us had a go at solving some tricky problems.


Next half term we are continuing with Trash and will be looking at descriptive language. We will also be looking at the British monarchy in history and making our own cakes in D.T.


Have a lovely half term holiday :)

Team 6

Week beginning 11th February 2019


This week we have all worked really hard and make progress with our assessment results. During this week, we have also enjoyed learning more about deforestation and the impact this is having on our world. We have also enjoyed creative afternoon working on making our Pop Art designs, mandalas in RE and learning about Pop music.


Next week we will be continuing our geography topic by learning about global warming, continue developing our awareness of mental health and on Friday will be World Maths Day - maths fun to come.


Team 6 :)

Week beginning 04.02.19

And just like that January is over! What a super start year 6 have made to 2019.

This week year 6 have enjoyed creating a piece of pop art - they look awesome! We have also written a description about the Beast that attacked our school last week.


Next week is assessment week. All children will sit papers in SPaG, reading and maths. Alongside this, we will continue our pop art; look at the issue surrounding deforestation; research habitats in Science and continue fitness training in PE. A busy week ahead.


We look forward to seeing you all on parents' evening - revision guides will be issued at these meetings. If you cannot attend for any reason, please contact you class teacher as soon as possible.


Team 6 :-)

Week beginning 28.01.19

Wow, what a great week! We have been busy writing newspaper reports all about the attack of the Beast! In Geography we have completed traffic surveys and really thought about the impact our travel has on the environment. In Focused Writing, we have continued with our work based on the book 'Trash'.

We also had a great time with our 'Faith and Culture Day' and the amazing panto.


We have another great week coming up with lots of fun and exciting lessons planned around our environment topic and our newspaper reports.

Don't forget to wear your celebration clothes on Thursday!

We will also be continuing with rugby in games sessions, don't forget your kit.

Also a quick reminder about the parent's evening reply slips.

Team 6 :)

Week beginning 14.01.19

This week we have continued with our environment topic. In geography we have looked at plastic pollution and in focused writing we have continued with our work based on the book 'Trash'. You have also produced some fantastic information texts about animals in literacy.

In art we had a go at producing a piece of pop art and in science we continued exploring the theory of evolution.


Next week 21.01.19

We have a busy week next week with Faith and Culture Day on Thursday (24th) and the panto on Friday morning.

Don't forget to wear your celebration clothes on Thursday!

In geography we will be looking at traffic pollution and in science looking at inheritance and how you may share characteristics with other members of your family.

We will also be continuing with rugby in games sessions


Week Beginning 7th January 2019


Happy New Year!


We have had a great first week back at school - we all look very refreshed and ready for the Spring Term. This week we have begun our new topic: The Environment. The children have been considering what issues are currently affecting our world. We have also began our new RE topic: Buddhism.


Here is a copy of our curriculum newsletter for you to see all the topics we will be covering this half term:

Next Week - week beginning 14th January


We will be:

  • Understanding mental health as part of our PSHE topic - in particular the statistics and breaking down the stigma surrounding it
  • Studying evolution in science
  • Learning about Buddha's 4 Noble Truths in RE
  • Writing a non-chronological report about an animal of our choice in literacy.


A busy week ahead. :)