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All items of school uniform that bear the Fernwood Primary and Nursery School logo are available from Morleys School Outfitters, Marks and Spencer Online and Just Schoolwear.
These items include red cardigans, sweatshirts, polo shirts, book bags, PE bags and hats.

Please note that although items with our logo are very popular, they are not compulsory. Similar items without a logo can be bought from any retailer.
Boys wear tailored long dark grey trousers in the winter and can wear tailored grey shorts in the summer.
Girls wear dark grey skirts, pinafores or trousers in the winter and can wear red check dresses in the summer.
Tights or socks can be worn with comfortable black school shoes.
Children will need plimsolls or trainers for outdoor sports activities. An optional tracksuit is also available.
Children can wear their own coats.