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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Week commencing 16th July 2018

Literacy - We are revising grammar rules this week

Maths - Please see the homework provided by your child's maths teacher.

We are looking forward to the Fernwood Festival on Friday.  We will be practising some songs and dances for performing at the Festival.  Fingers crossed the weather stays fine!

Week commencing 8th July 2018

We had a lovely time getting to know our Chinese visitors this week.  Here are some photos of the children holding a souvenir that we made for them to take home.


Thank you for your support.

The Year 4 Team.

Week Commencing 25th June 2018

Well done for all your hard work this week! We hope you enjoyed representing your colour team on sports day. 4W, 4H and 4C enjoyed their pizza picnic on Friday, they looked so delicious!  Have a look at children in 4C enjoying their yummy creations in the slideshow below.


Please note, there is no class homework this week.


Don't forget that it is INSET day on Friday 6th July.

4P and 4C battled it out on the football pitch to try and reach the final.  4C went 1-0 up after half time after a cracking goal by Danayo.  However, following a foul at the other end of the pitch, 4C conceded a penalty and Joseph Fisher from 4P equalised.  It went to a penalty shoot-out and 4P finally won 3-2.  Well done to 4P who join 4H in the final.

4P and 4C competing in our world cup tournament

4H compose and perform pieces of music based on George and The Dragon for Big Arts Week in their 'amphitheatre'

4W World Cup Homework

4P Pond dipping

4C on a minibeast hunt

Green Week!

We got involved in lots of different activities during Green Week.  Here is a flavour of what we got up to.

4W planned and prepared a selection of playground games to teach the Badger class.

Green Week- 4W- Den Building

Year 4 Class Homework

Summer 2 .......................

Week 2: Art Week

Week One:  Grammar Practice

Year 4 Maths Homework!

Miss Cutts' Maths Group!

Summer 2 -----------------------------


Summer 1-------------------------------
Week 6 - Look at maths assessment and practise maths skills at home

Week 5

Week 4: Time

Week 3: Bar Charts and Pictographs

Week 1: Multiplication

Miss Peat's Maths Group!

Multiplication homework 2.7.18

Week 2 converting homework (11.6.18) Due in: 18.6.18

Summer 2 ----------

May half term homework (Due in: Monday 4th June).

Your child will be sent home with 2 test papers they have completed this week. These will be sent home on Wednesday. Please sit with your child to help them to correct any errors they have made in their papers.

Do not hesitate to pop and see me for help or any questions you may have.

Have a great half term!

Miss Peat

Week 5 (14.5.18 due in 21.5.18) Decimals. See me if you need help :)

Summer 1, Week 4 (Fractions)

Mr Wildman's Maths Group!

Summer 2-------------------------------

Week 3: Coordinates

Please complete a game of battleships (Copies of the game will be handed out on Friday, spare copies in 4W) with a friend or family. 

Have fun playing :)

Week 2: Coordinates

Still image for this video

Miss Hill's Maths Group!

-------------------- Summer 2 ------------------------

Week 3 : Coordinates (Due in Friday 29th June)

Week 2 : Decimals and Money (Due in 22nd June)

---------Summer 1----------

Week 6: May Half Term Homework


Well done for your hard work this half term! You are all doing really well. Your homework over the half term is to look through your assessment and look at any questions you got wrong. Can you correct them? Was it a silly mistake or would you like some extra work in that area? We will be discussing after half term.


Due in: Friday 8th June

Week 1: Problem Solving Due in: Friday 27th April

Week 2: Equivalent Fractions       Due in: Friday 4th May 2018

As it is no paper challenge day, for your homework, I would like you to have a go at some fraction games online to practise what we have covered in class this week. Follow these links and have fun!


Next week we will be continuing our work on fractions by looking at adding and subtracting fractions.



Our Learning...

Week beginning 16.7.18

Literacy - We will be practising our grammar skills.

Maths - Please see the homework provided by your child's class teacher.

It is the Fernwood Festival on Friday 20th July so there will lots of activities taking place in preparation for this fantastic day.

Week beginning 9.7.18

Literacy - As we have Chinese students joining us in lesson, our literacy work is based around local traditions so we will be looking at the legend of Robin Hood and writing instructions for making a cream tea.

Maths - Please see the homework provided by your child's maths teacher.

History - We are continuing to study Anglo-Saxon life including how the days of the week got their names.

There are other activities going on during the afternoons which are being delivered by the Chinese teachers such as looking at what Chinese characters mean.

Week beginning 02.07.18


Maths - Please see your child's maths homework for the learning next week.


Literacy - We will be focussing on polishing up our grammar skills for the end of year four. We will be looking at plural nouns and apostrophes.


Topic - We will be continuing to research about the life of Anglo-Saxons in history. We are looking forward to spending some time outside in the sunshine for rounders and cricket.


Don't forget that it is INSET day on Friday 6th July.

Week beginning 25.6.18


Literacy - We are continuing to base our writing around Water Aid to link to our river topic.  Also, as there is a lot of excitement around the World Cup, some of our writing will be linked to this.


Maths - Please refer to your child's maths homework to find out what they have been doing this week and what is planned for the following week.


Science - We will be setting up an investigation to test the rate of evaporation.


History - We will be finding out about daily life in the Anglo-Saxon times.


Please remember to bring in your ingredients for making your pizza.  Check the homework that was given out last week for the date your child will need to bring them in.


Sports day will be taking place for lower school on Tuesday 26th June.  Your child has brought home a slip indicating the colour top they need for their team.  You are welcome to join us to support your child's team.


Please pop in and see us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Year 4 Team

Week beginning 18.06.18

Next week is Arts Week and the theme is St George and the Dragon.  Most of our lessons outside maths will be based around this theme.  Your child will need to bring in a cereal or shoe box to be able to complete the art project we have planned.  More will be revealed as the week goes on.  Keep an eye on the website for photos showing what we'll be getting up to.


Maths - see your child's class homework to see what they have been doing this week and what is in store for next week.


Additionally, at some point over the next couple of weeks, your child will need to bring some ingredients for making their pitta pizza.  Check the class homework as this will indicate the day they will need to bring in their ingredients.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to ask any questions.


Thank you for your continued support.


The Year 4 Team.

Week beginning 11.6.18


Literacy - We will be preparing our arguments for our debates relating to Water Aid.


Maths - Please see the homework provided by your child's maths teacher.


Science - We will be investigating how the water cycle works.


History - We are continuing with our Anglo Saxon topic - finding out the origins of place names and their way of life.

Week Beginning 4.6.18


We hope you have had a good holiday.  There are lots of exciting events taking place in the last half of the Summer Term.  Keep your eyes peeled on the website and newsletters for updates.  Below is an outline of what we will be getting up to the first week back.


Literacy - We will be looking at some case studies of children living in Africa and trying to imagine what life would be like without access to clean drinking water.  We will be writing postcards from the perspective of these children.


Maths - Check the maths homework provided by your child's maths teacher.


Science - We will be looking at the processes of evaporation and condensation.


History - We will be starting to study the Anglo-Saxons starting with why they came to Britain.


Keep reading every night and recording it in your organiser.  Keep practising your spellings - a new set will be given for next half term.


Thank you for all your support this year. 

The Year 4 Team

4H York 2018

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What a fantastic time we had!
4W and 4C have made it back from York safe and sound.  Good luck to 4H and 4P who are visiting York this week.  Everyone has had a great time so far, despite the weather.  It looks like it might be improving this week so fingers crossed!  Here are a few photos of our York adventures so far.

4W Trip to York

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