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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 Class Homework

Easter half term homework (due in Friday 20th April)


Your homework for over your Easter break requires you to complete two jobs:

Job 1 links to our PSHE 'staying safe' topic and you will need to do some research using one of the websites listed. Jot down an advice or information the website gives you ready to share when back at school after half term.

Job 2 is to have lots of fun!! There is a grid for you to complete which include most of the dates for Easter telling us what you have been up to. There is also a list of possible exciting ideas you could get up to during your time off.

Try something new! Stay safe! Have fun and don't eat too many Easter eggs cheeky!

The Year 4 team frown

World Book Day whole school homework.

Due date: 16/03/18

Think about a brilliant book that you have read recently. Where did your imagination take you after/whilst reading the book?

Your task is to represent somewhere you have visited while reading. Explain why it was such an amazing adventure.

You can be as creative as you like and represent your work in any way that you choose. Please don’t do your homework in your homework book as some of them will go on a whole school display. There will be a prize for the best one in each class. Enjoy getting creative.

Mrs Bonella

4W World Book Day Homework

4W World Book Day Homework 1
This week, your class homework (2.3.18) is to ensure you are reading lots at home and recording this in your organisers. You need to also make sure you are practising your spellings frown


Please see the e-safety tab under 'Our School'. 

Your homework this week is to complete a reading comprehension based on 'Chinese New Year'. Due in 16.2.18

Your homework this week is to try and complete our country alphabet challenge! (due: 9.2.18)

A 2 week creative chocolate project (due in 2.2.18)

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Year 4 Maths Homework!

Miss Cutts' Maths Group!

Summer 1-------------------------------

Week 1: Multiplication

Week 2: Money and Decimals

Week 1: Decimals

SPRING 2---------------------------------

Week 5: Multiplying 3 single digit numbers

Week 2: Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Miss Peat's Maths Group!

Easter homework Due in 16.4.18. We have been working on analogue and digital time, please could you support your child in learning to tell the time. Thank you :)

Week 1 homework (due in 5.3.18)

SPRING 2---------------------------------

Week 5 half term homework (due in 27.2.18)

Week 4 Finding fraction of numbers (due in 12.2.18)

Week 3 Shading fractions of amounts (due in 5.2.18)

Week 2 This week's homework is all about mental calculations and column multiplication

Week 1 Area and Perimeter

Mr Wildman's Maths Group!

Summer 1-------------------------------

Week 1

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SPRING 2---------------------------------

Week 2: Fractions

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Week 1: Fractions

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Week 6: Times Tables

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Due in 2.3.18

Week 5: Area (2)

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Due in 16.2.18

Week 4: Area

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Due in 9.2.18

Week 3: Division DUE IN 2.2.18

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Due in 2.2.18

Week 2: Multiplication

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Due in 26.1.18

Week 1: 6 and 8 times table

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Due in: 19.1.18

Miss Hill's Maths Group!

SPRING 2---------------------------------

Our Learning...

W/C 23/4/18

This week is Green Week so we are looking forward to doing lots of work outdoors.  We will be venturing outside for a minibeast hunt as well as teaming up with a KS1 class for more outdoor fun.  On Friday, we will be going on a nature walk to Wollaton Park.  Remember...Friday is Green Day so make sure you come to school dressed in something green.  Our aim is to have a paperless day!  We will add photographs of what we have been up to as the week goes on so keep checking the website.

W/C 16th April 2018


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely break and are ready for lots of learning.

This half term our topic work will be about water, continuing with rivers in geography and starting minibeasts in science, literacy and art.

This week:

Literacy - we will be looking at the features of non-fiction texts

Maths - refer to your homework

Topic - we will begin categorising animals in science and identifying world rivers in geography.


Remember to keep up your reading at home every week and record it in your organisers.


W/C 26th March 2018

WOW! What a fantastic two weeks we have had!  We hope you all had a wonderful time in York, we are all very proud of how well you represented the school and yourselves, well done!

Maths: See your  homework for this week's learning.

Literacy: We will be writing persuasive leaflets encouraging other people to visit York

Topic: We will be finishing our work on The River Ouse in geography and making and evaluating our lamps suitable for oompa loompas to use while working in Willy Wonka's factory.


Have a lovely holiday everyone, we look forward to seeing you after the break. smiley

4H York 2018

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What a fantastic time we had!
4W and 4C have made it back from York safe and sound.  Good luck to 4H and 4P who are visiting York this week.  Everyone has had a great time so far, despite the weather.  It looks like it might be improving this week so fingers crossed!  Here are a few photos of our York adventures so far.

4W Trip to York

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4H on World Book Day!

4H on World Book Day! 1

W/B 12.3.18

Good luck to 4W and 4C who will be heading off to York this week for their residential trip.  They will be visiting the Media Museum, the Castle Museum, York Chocolate Story, the Minster and the Railway Museum.  Don't forget to pack your suitcase this weekend!  Let's hope the weather improves.  Keep your eye on the ticker on the front page of the will keep you updated as to what the children are up to.

Together with Year 6 we designed and made some snow sculptures. We used compact snow to keep our sculptures sturdy, this also meant it would take longer to melt. A few of us found icicles under the benches and used them in our sculptures.

We made predictions of which sculptures will still be there after the weekend and which ones will melt.

Miss Peat's Enrichment group visited Waitrose to take part in a healthy eating workshop!

Week beginning 26th February 2018


Maths - Refer to your child's maths homework, which will include what your child has been during the week as well as what the folowing week's learning will be.


Literacy - We will continue to be basing our Literacy work around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  In Focused Writing, our writing tasks will be linked to The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.


Topic:  In Geography, we will be finding out about the location and features of rivers.


Design and Technology - We will be designing and making a lamp for the Oompa Loompas to use whilst working in the Chocolate Room.


Keep up your reading at home. smiley


Week beginning 12.2.18

Thank you for all your hard work during Enterprise Week.  You all worked so hard on preparing and selling your products.  Well done!


Maths - Refer to your child's maths homework, which will include what your child has been doing during the week as well as the next week's learning.

Literacy - Poetry linked to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Topic - Thank you for all the amazing pieces of homework linked to our chocolate topic.  They were all 'fabulicious'!  We will be bringing the Geography element of our chocolate topic to a close next week by finding other interesting facts about Ghana.


Keep up your reading at home, particularly over half term. smiley


Have a great holiday!

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Week beginning 05.02.18 - Enterprise Week


Most of our lessons next week will be planning and preparing for selling our enterprise product at the market stall on Thursday afternoon.  During Enterprise Week, we will be taking on a range of different roles: product designers, finance managers, production operatives, quality control, marketing and sales managers.  We will be carrying out market research, establishing a company name and logo, producing posters to advertise the product as well as designing, making and selling.  In Year 4, each class will be decorating cupcakes.  We will need to think about an innovative design which can be produced effectively so that people will want to buy them.  The aim is to be the class that makes the most profit, so we will need to think about costings and pricing of the product.  The winning class gets to choose a charity to which the profit will be donated.


Maths - Refer to your child's maths homework, including this week's learning.  Our maths skills will also be needed to work out potential profit from the sales of our enterprise product.


Keep up your reading at home smiley

4W Class Assembly 2.2.18

Everyone enjoyed taking part in different activities as part of our Faith and Culture Day.  Here is a flavour of what we got up to.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week beginning 29.1.18

Maths - Refer to your child's maths homework, including this week's learning

Literacy - Building adventurous vocabulary for description

Topic - Understanding the journey from cocoa bean to chocolate bar in our Geography topic

Keep up your reading at home smiley

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Week beginning 22.1.18

Literacy - Playscripts and using dialogue in our writing

Maths - Refer to your child's maths homework, including the week's learning

Topic - Learning about the origins of cocoa beans from Ghana in Geography

Thursday 25th January is Faith and Culture Day. We will be learning about a wide range of religions through exciting activities and a dance workshop. You may dress in your celebration clothes and provide food for us to taste during the afternoon.


4H - well done to our star of the week!

4H - well done to our star of the week! 1

4W and 4C- Reporting on some strange artefacts

4W and 4C- Reporting on some strange artefacts 1
4W and 4C- Reporting on some strange artefacts 2

4W- Reporting on Julias Caesar and his failed invasion.

4P Gladiator Schools

4W- E-Saftey lesson- Digital Leaders

4W- E-Saftey lesson- Digital Leaders 1