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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


We hope you find everything you need on this page, if you have any other questions or queries please see your child's class teacher.


This half term our topic is Space and Our World.


We wish our children and parents a wonderful half term and we look forward to seeing you when you return. Remember, there is an INSET day on the Monday so the children are returning on Tuesday 27th February.


Week beginning 12.02.18


Literacy - This week the children are working on their grammar skills and completing a couple of half term assessments.


Parents Evening - These evenings will be held on Monday and Tuesday this week. We look forward to seeing you there.


Week beginning 05.02.18


Literacy - This week we are continuing our great work on recounts. We will be linking in our space topic to write recounts on the moon landing.


Enterprise - This week is Enterprise week! The children will be creating their own company and product to sell at the 'Market' on Thursday! We can't wait to get involved with this and the children have shown such enthusiasm already.


Week beginning 29.01.18


Literacy - This week is all about recounts. The children will be learning all about recounts and writing one up themselves.


Swimming - 5E and 5B


Week beginning 22.01.18


Literacy - This week is all about debating issues. The children will be having debates about issues that may affect them at school and learning the difference between a debate and an argument.


Faith and Culture Day - Thursday 25th January - please can children dress up in celebration clothes.


Panto - Friday 26th January - Children are invited to dress up as a pantomime character to watch 'Cinderella'. If children decide not to dress up then they must wear their school uniform.


Week beginning 15.01.18


Literacy - This week is all about persuasive writing. The children will be writing a persuasive letter to try and change an aspect of school life.


Maths Groups


Miss Marriott - This week the children are working on their fraction knowledge and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.


Mr Hartley/ Miss Chohan - More fractions this week and I'm afraid it's time for those pesky end-of-halfterm tests! Only arithmetic this time though - expect to see it over half term as homework.


Mr Edwards' Maths - This week the children are understanding fraction of amounts and completing a small end of term assessment.


Mrs Bonella - This week the children have been working on their equivalent fraction knowledge.


Please find Year Group Homework, Spellings and Maths Homework below:






Year group homework

Week 6 homework to be completed over half term

Week 5 year group homework

Week four class homework

Spring 1 Spelling Booklet

5E Maths Group


Week 2 Homework -


This week the children were given a squared sheet of paper with fraction conversion questions. Children need to convert the mixed number to an improper fraction and then the opposite for the next set of questions.


Week 3 -


Children have been adding and subtracting fractions and using their conversion knowledge from last week.


Half Term Homework -


Children have been given their arithmetic tests to take home - please have a look at these with your child. They have also been given a blank reasoning paper - the children are to complete this and bring it to school on the first Tuesday back.

Mr Edwards Week 3 Homework

Mr Edwards' Maths Homework - week 4 (Problem Solving Investigation)

5B Maths Group

This week, we have been learning about decimals and writing them as fractions too.

This week we have not had normal maths lessons due to Enterprise Week. Therefore, there is not a sheet of homework to be completed for next week.

Please can you all ensure that you work on learning your targets instead.


Mrs Bonella

This week we have been looking at how to add and subtract fractions with different denominators (bottom number). 
5CH Maths Group
5M Maths Group

Week 2 - Improper Fractions and Mixed Number

Try to improve your typing speed!

Year 5 Photos

Take a look at what we have been up to.

5B Viking Settlements

5B Viking Settlements 1
5B Viking Settlements 2

5S Viking Clay Work

5S Viking Clay Work 1
5S Viking Clay Work 2
5S Viking Clay Work 3
5S Viking Clay Work 4
5S Viking Clay Work 5

5M looking at the planets and scaling down the distances

5M looking at the planets and scaling down the distances 1
5M looking at the planets and scaling down the distances 2
5M looking at the planets and scaling down the distances 3
5M looking at the planets and scaling down the distances 4