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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

This month is Autism Awareness Month so the theme for our assemblies has been ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). The children have experienced what it might be like for somebody with ASD who is oversensitive to noise and light and how difficult it can be to concentrate.

In Science we have been learning about the circulatory system and the function of the heart- the children have produced some wonderful work!

In Focused writing we have continued our work based on the book 'Trash' and in literacy we have based our work on a Sea Rescue.

On Wednesday, seven parents came into school to speak to the children about their careers and the skills needed to do their jobs. It was fascinating to listen to and the children were inspired by the hard work and dedication required to be successful- many thanks!


Next week is Green week and in year 6 the children will be going to Martin's Pond for a nature trail as well as taking part in some outdoor learning throughout the week.

We will continue to work on our reading skills in literacy- focusing on summarising and inference.

Maths booster sessions will continue to run on a Friday morning and we request that the children keep reading at least four times a week and continue with their revision guides.






Year 6 Homework


To continue working through your revision guides.

Miss Clare's Maths Group!


I am so proud of how hard you have tried this week in your assessments.

Please go through the papers and look at the questions you found tricky- look at the corresponding pages in your revision guides!

Have a lovely holiday :)

Miss Clare


Miss Cronin's Maths Group

What a fantastic week - you have worked so hard! Your homework over Easter is to look over equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. Have a look over your papers too. Have a wonderful holiday!! Miss Cronin :-)

Mr Precious' Maths Group!

This week we have been working on finding the mean, drawing shapes accurately using a ruler and a protractor whilst keeping them to scale and arithmetic. Please keep working through you revision guides as well as completing your homework.

Miss Newton and Mrs Frost's Maths Group

Well done team! A great set of results in MOCK SATS week. You all worked so hard and we are very proud of you. Keep up the hard work and revision.


Your homework is to go through your SATS papers and look at any errors you made - think 'Where did I make a mistake?' 'How can I learn from this for next time?'. Remember to keep practising things you are unsure about in your revision book e.g. negative and positive numbers, ratio, algebra. Please ensure you have your revision book in school on Thursday 19th April :)

Our learning...

Well done for mock SATs week. You all worked hard and we are very proud of you. Keep working hard and revise things you are unsure about.


Next Half Term:


Reading Comprehension: we will be focussing on inference style questions which require evidence from the text, especially those tricky 3 mark questions.


Writing: We will beginning our topic of a sea rescue. This week you will be planning a description of the sea and the rescue scene - we will be thinking about how to paint a picture with words.


Topic: We will be starting a new topic in PSHE on careers, financial capability and economic wellbeing. The children will be learning about qualities needed for different professions, what responsibilities people have and how to manage money. Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to come into school on Wednesday 18th at 2.30pm to talk to the children about their job. We are very much looking forward to seeing you.


Maths - See above.

6C and Ladybirds enjoyed the Easter trail - great teamwork!

SPORT RELIEF 2018 - We had so much fun dancing for such a worthy cause!

World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018 1
World Book Day 2018 2
World Book Day 2018 3
World Book Day 2018 4
World Book Day 2018 5
World Book Day 2018 6
World Book Day 2018 7
World Book Day 2018 8
World Book Day 2018 9
World Book Day 2018 10
World Book Day 2018 11

Together with Year 4 we designed and made some snow sculptures. We used compact snow to keep our sculptures sturdy, this also meant it would take longer to melt. A few of us found icicles under the benches and used them in our sculptures.

We made predictions of which sculptures will still be there after the weekend and which ones will melt.

Meet 6FN's writing inspiration - Thaw!!!!!

Meet 6FN's writing inspiration - Thaw!!!!! 1
Today, we used Thaw as an inspiration for our writing. We wrote some amazing descriptive stories and poem about him and the snowy weather.

Meet Gooner! 6C's new snowmate for the day! We enjoyed writing all about Gooner's adventures as he mysteriously came to life...

6C Christingles

6C Christingles 1
6C Christingles 2
6C Christingles 3
6C Christingles 4
6C Christingles 5
6C Christingles 6
6C Christingles 7
6C Christingles 8
6C Christingles 9
6C Christingles 10
6C Christingles 11
6C Christingles 12
6C Christingles 13
6C Christingles 14
6C Christingles 15
6C Christingles 16
6C Christingles 17
6C Christingles 18
6C Christingles 19
6C Christingles 20
6C Christingles 21
6C Christingles 22
6C Christingles 23
6C Christingles 24
6C Christingles 25
6C Christingles 26
6C Christingles 27
6C Christingles 28
6C Christingles 29
6C Christingles 30
6C Christingles 31
6C Christingles 32

6FN - Science

6FN - Science 1
6FN - Science 2
6FN - Science 3
6FN - Science 4
6FN - Science 5
6FN - Science 6
6FN - Science 7
6FN - Science 8
6FN - Science 9
6FN - Science 10
6FN - Science 11
6FN - Science 12
6FN - Science 13
6FN - Science 14
6FN - Science 15
6FN - Science 16
6FN - Science 17
6FN - Science 18
6FN - Science 19
6FN - Science 20
6FN - Science 21
6FN - Science 22
6FN - Science 23
6FN - Science 24
6FN - Science 25
6FN - Science 26

6C- Making Pinhole Cameras

6C- Gymnastics