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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 Homework


Whole School February Half Term Homework - to be in by 1st March

Enterprise Homework - to be completed by 15th February :)

Geography Homework - to be completed by 8th Feb :)

Miss Clare's Maths Group!


Miss C’s Maths Group Homework due in 12.02.18

Hi Team,

Well done for all of your hard work this week with all of the assessments. One area that came up as something we need to keep working on was subtracting a decimal number from a whole number.

Try these in your book ready for Monday please.

  1. 4- 1.15 =

  2. 7 – 5.23 =

  3. 2 – 1.9 =

  4. 14 – 7.62=



Hi Team,

This week we have been working on telling the time on an analogue and digital clocks and solving time problems. Please keep practising this at home.

Next week is our assessment week- remember stay calm and read the question carefully- you can do it!!

Miss C :)



Hi Team,

This week we have been working on converting decimals,percentages and fractions. Give this sheet a go, don't forget to check your place value carefully.

Next week we are going to be looking at telling the time on an analogue and digital clock and solving time problems.

Miss C :)

Miss Cronin's Maths Group

Team, your homework this week is related to BODMAS. Please complete by Thursday 15th February. REMINDER - BOOSTER CLUB STARTS NEXT FRIDAY AT 7:45AM - ALL MUST ATTEND. Miss Cronin :-)

Your homework this week is to match fractions, decimals and percentages. At the bottom of your homework, you also need to answer the arithmetic questions. Next week is assessment week - stay calm and try your best :-) Miss C

Mr Precious' Maths Group!

Well done to everyone for all your hard work this half term- you are all making excellent progress! Please make sure that you complete some of your revision guide (if you have yours) and complete your homework as well as having a wonderful break!

Miss Newton and Mrs Frost's Maths Group

Well done on your assessment results :). Remember to share these with your parents and look at errors/misconceptions.

Next Half Term, we will be continuing our work on measure - particularly looking at working out the volume of different shapes. We will also begin a new topic: algebra.

As per usual, we will be focusing on developing problem solving and reasoning skills.

Our learning...

Next Half Term, we will be learning about:


Literacy: Persuasive Writing


Topic: Year 6 will be continuing their work on environmental issues. They will also begin a PSHE unit on Achieving Goals and Mental Health Awareness.


Maths - see individual group section.

6C Christingles

6C Christingles 1
6C Christingles 2
6C Christingles 3
6C Christingles 4
6C Christingles 5
6C Christingles 6
6C Christingles 7
6C Christingles 8
6C Christingles 9
6C Christingles 10
6C Christingles 11
6C Christingles 12
6C Christingles 13
6C Christingles 14
6C Christingles 15
6C Christingles 16
6C Christingles 17
6C Christingles 18
6C Christingles 19
6C Christingles 20
6C Christingles 21
6C Christingles 22
6C Christingles 23
6C Christingles 24
6C Christingles 25
6C Christingles 26
6C Christingles 27
6C Christingles 28
6C Christingles 29
6C Christingles 30
6C Christingles 31
6C Christingles 32

6FN - Science

6FN - Science 1
6FN - Science 2
6FN - Science 3
6FN - Science 4
6FN - Science 5
6FN - Science 6
6FN - Science 7
6FN - Science 8
6FN - Science 9
6FN - Science 10
6FN - Science 11
6FN - Science 12
6FN - Science 13
6FN - Science 14
6FN - Science 15
6FN - Science 16
6FN - Science 17
6FN - Science 18
6FN - Science 19
6FN - Science 20
6FN - Science 21
6FN - Science 22
6FN - Science 23
6FN - Science 24
6FN - Science 25
6FN - Science 26

6C- Making Pinhole Cameras

6C- Gymnastics