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Autumn 2 Curriculum

Week beginning 26th November 2023 (Week 4)


Hello Team!

There are lots of exciting learning to look forward to this half term. We also have our Flu vaccinations this Wednesday.



This week we are learning:


English: To plan a persuasive letter

Maths: To be able to order fractions

Science - To investigate reversible and irreversible changes

DT - To use appropriate tools and techniques to make my bird box.

Geography - To identify the position and significance of the tropics of cancer and Capricorn and Arctic and Antarctic circles.

Computing - To create a storyboard

French - To learn how to say what is not in my pencil case.

RE - To know about the life of William Booth (Salvation Army).

RHSE - To understand prejudice and discrimination and how this can make people


PE – To increase flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance. (x2)

Games – To use a range of passes to keep possession (Handball)