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Autumn 2019

Autumn 1.3 - wb 16th September 2019


Science - Compare and group together every day materials on the basis of their properties

History - Vikings – struggle for Kingdom of England/ Viking Raids and Invasion - to know about Viking raids and invasion

Art - To observe and create ideas (Viking cross curricular link)

RE – To find out how the Bible is structured and what it includes.

French –  pets and how to name 8 key animals

Games – Hockey - To develop a broader range of techniques and skills for attacking and defending.

PE – Swimming (5M and 5CH)

Gymnastics (5D AND 5A) - To move safely from apparatus to the floor. To combine and link movements.

ICT – E-Safety: Children are able to navigate age-appropriate websites

Character curriculum – I can make a step by step plan towards a goal.

PSHE - To understand how the media portrays celebrities

Music - Improvise with music and different instruments




5CH - This week we are rounding and organising numbers to 1,000,000

5A - This week we are looking at addition and subtraction and are beginning to find ways of checking our own answers for accuracy

5M - 

5D - Next week we will be looking at Roman Numerals and rounding numbers.


Autumn 1.2 - wb 9th September 2019


So as we now settle into a new term, our subjects should be following the timetables. It is also worth noting that swimming starts this Monday (9th) for 5CH and 5M. Please make sure your child has trunks (or smallish shorts without pockets!) and that if they require goggles, their letter should be with their class teacher. Please also make sure that your child has a bobble if they have long(ish) hair as it will need to be tied up.


Thanks for your support!


It is worth noting that at Fernwood, we will be addressing each Curriculum subject slightly differently this year: rather than a weekly quota, each of our subjects now has a list of objectives to be completed. This means that PSHE, for example, may have 4 objects whereas Art has 6. This means as objectives are covered, time will become available for other Wider Curriculum areas.


Art - Modelling in clay this week! Using it for our Viking project and design

Science - experimenting the differences between dissolving, mixtures and solutions

PE and GAMES - hockey and football for this term's sporting fixtures

RE - to find out how the Bible is structured and what it includes

ICT - eSafety this half term. This week we are looking at how our school Intranet works and creating our own files and folder structures

PSHE - looking at how celebrities are portrayed in the media.




5CH - This week we are investigating place value and reminding ourselves about Roman Numerals

5A - This week we are exploring place value and tackling some tricky one and two step word problems

5M - This week we are counting forwards and backwards in powers of 10, 100 and 1000 and beginning to look at Roman numerals

5D - This week we are looking at ordering numbers to 1,000000 and counting forwards and backwards in powers of 10.


Autumn 1.1 - wb 2nd September 2019


Hello all and welcome back for another year of exciting adventures and lots of learning!

We hope you all had an amazing summer and are now refreshed and raring to go!


A few quick notes:


1) Swimming does NOT start this Monday, but will begin the 2nd Monday back to school (the 9th). Letters are being sent out in the first week to tell you everything you need to know. If your child wears goggles, that is all fine but there will be a letter you will need to sign and send back to school - it's not us; it's a requirement from the swimming baths.


2) Games sessions are now a whole hour long! Very exciting! Indoor games for Y5 is on Monday (white shirt and white/black shorts) and Games is on Wednesday (shorts and tops or tracksuits).


If you have any issues or concerns, our doors are always open!


Here's to a great year, 

The Y5 Teachers.


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