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Autumn Term

Week beginning 20th September 2021


Hello Team!

The children have written some amazing setting descriptions using a range of similes, metaphors, expanded noun phrases and other techniques to help the reader build a picture in their mind of the scene.  The teachers have really enjoyed reading their work.


This week we are learning:


English: To plan and write a set of instructions


Maths: To compare, order and round numbers up to 1 million;  To understand negative numbers; To understand Roman numerals.


History: To know about the resistance of Alfred the Great and Athelstan.


RE: To describe and respond thoughtfully to the lives of inspirational Christians. (Mother Teresa)


RHSE: To understand how the media portrays celebrities and can manipulate images.  


Music: To use an initial stimulus to compose my own piece.


Science: To give reasons based on evidence from comparative tests.


Art: To improve mastery of drawing and develop pattern and texture using lines.


For your afternoon lessons, please look at the timetable here so you know which lesson your class are doing each day. Please do the correct lesson for your class each day.


Beech: Monday: RHSE, Tuesday: RE, Wednesday: Science, Thursday: History, Friday: Art


Birch: Monday: Swimming, Tuesday: RE, Wednesday: Art/ICT, Thursday: RHSE Friday: Science


Cedar: Cedar: Monday: PE/RE, Tuesday: Games/Music, Wednesday: Art, Thursday: Science / ICT, Friday: History/PSHE


Maple: Monday: Music Tuesday: RE, Wednesday: RHSE Thursday: Science, Friday: Art


Olive: Monday: History Tuesday: RE, Wednesday: RHSE, Thursday: Science, Friday: Art

Maths slides for the week

Class Homework

English PowerPoint for the week.

Afternoon Lessons

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Viking Rock (backing track).mp3