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Autumn Term

Changes to our Autumn page.


Greetings to all. As we have a number of children currently isolating due to Covid, we will now be putting some of the Year 5 learning onto our weekly page. If you follow this page through to the bottom, you will find all of the objectives we are covering, followed by the suggestions of work to be done during this week.


If you have any problems accessing the work, please get in touch with either the school office or one of the Year 5 Team. 

Week Beginning: 21st September 2020


Another successful week - well done to all! This last week seems to have flown by at a million miles an hour! So to another week with lots of exciting things to do!





Continuing our study of How to Train your Dragon, this week we are turning our attention to instructions! Let's see if we can actually train a dragon by following Year 5's instructions!

Have a look at this example to get you going...:


1) To begin with, creep silently and carefully in to the dragon’s nursery and gently place the sleeping dragon into your wicker, lidded basket.

2) After carrying your sleeping dragon home, gently try to wake him.

3) You should wait until your dragon is absolutely starving and begging for food before offering him any.

4) Once you are sure your dragon is starving, entice your hungry, desperate dragon with some delicious fresh fruit or slippery, slimy fish (depending on the type of dragon you have captured). 5) Teach your dragon to fly by ordering him to quickly flap his leathery wings.



This week we have one more week of Place Value before we move onto another topic. Our children have greatly improved their skills of rounding, ordering and comparing numbers and this week we are pushing them even further to work with numbers up to 1,000,000

Science – To give reasons based on evidence from comparative tests for the uses of everyday materials. 


Input: Explain that Hiccup has set a set of design challenges today and children will discuss and test out different materials to find solutions. Provide children with problems and materials to investigate.

  1. What will be the best material to use as goggles while dragon riding or battling?  (transparent plastic, glass, wood, leather, cotton fabric)
  2. What would be the best material to make a weapon out of?
    (metal sheet, glass, wood, foil, brick)
  3. What would be the best material for Hiccup to wear on rides high into the sky? (cotton fabric, leather, wool, plastic, foil)
  4. What would be the best material to wrap fish popsicles in for he dragons to stop them melting? (foil, cling film, wood, glass, cotton fabric)
  5. What would be the best material for me to repair Toothless’ tail with? (transparent plastic, glass, wood, leather, brick)
  6. What would be a good material to cook the vegetables in?  (plastic, glass, stone, metal sheet, paper)

Science Resources



History – To know about the resistance of Alfred the Great and Athelstan.

Share the information on the slides about the Anglo-Saxon Kings. Explain to the children that The Anglo Saxons took over Britain before the Vikings which is why they were in power at the time.

Share the information about Alfred the Great and King Athelstan.

What similarities and differences do you recognise between the different Kings? Which King do you agree with?

Task - Split page in half. Create a list of similarities and differences about the two Kings.

Explain underneath which king they think is the greatest.

The other subjects


Please find below the objectives for the other subjects being taught this week. 


PSHE - To understand how the media portrays celebrities and can manipulate images. 

RE – To learn about the 4 Vedas.

Art - To interpret the texture of a surface in the mastery of drawing.

Music – To use an initial stimulus to compose their own piece. (Lyrics)

Games (Hockey) - To recognise parts of a performance that could be improved, and identify practices that will help

PE – Gymnastics – Assessment of mini topics and skills

Character Curriculum - I am able to assess risks that are linked with different challenges.


Have a good week and please get in touch if you have any issues or concerns,


The Year 5 Team.