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Autumn Term

Week Beginning: 23rd November 2020


Morning everybody and many thanks for such a super week last week during Career's Week! Year 5 excelled themselves and had some amazing outfits and equally amazing job aspirations! We had lawyer, IT systems architect, teacher, waitress, CEO of a Fortune 500 company(!), MI5 agent, Hair stylist, helicopter pilot for the police, computer game designer, Museum curator, Pediatric nurse, professional tennis player, and lots more I can't remember!!


With our current crop of Year 5 children, I have every confidence that they would be able to do all these jobs and more!!


Back to normality (if you can call it that in these crazy times!) this week. Please could you remind the children of a few things: 1) I'm afraid no Christmas cards this year :-( Presents should be fine if the children want to give them to each other - as long as you follow your own, safe, Covid secure practises; 2) we still need to maintain hand washing and hand-gelling whenever we can; and 3) we have seen instances of children mixing with other bubbles after school! I'm sure they aren't any of our Year 5 children, but it would be a terrible shame if all our hardwork was undone by an impromptu meet-up or two after school.


Many thanks for your continued support!


Remember to scroll down to find this week's work.


Happy learning to all!


PS Please remember that you only need to complete the sheets below if you are isolating at home. For the homework everyone is doing, please visit the Y5 Homework Page.



Back to our very interesting book Holes this week. It's all starting to kick off! Imagine digging a hole in the middle of a desert! Would it build character?? Certainly give me a few blisters!


Diary entries are the order of the day, including writing one later in the week. Have a look at the modelled write below to give you a few ideas!


Dear Diary,

Today has been the most devastating day of my life. It all started when I got sent to Camp Green Lake Juvenile Detention Centre for committing a crime I am completely innocent of! I mean, how unfair is that?

To make matters worse, the guard dropped me off in the middle of nowhere. Literally. I am in the desert, surrounded by 5 foot holes, I'm not gonna last a second.

Ridiculously, the warden bloke made me strip in front of the others and change into the most hideous orange overalls. I'm feeling very sorry for myself, I just want to go home but I don't think that's about to happen any time soon.

I'll write again tomorrow - if I'm not bitten by a yellow spotted lizard that is.




Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 (and beyond??)


Following our weeks of squaring, cubing and multiplying numbers, we are dipping our toes into division. We'll start with mulitples of 10 and see where it leads us!

The other subjects


Please find below the objectives for all the subjects being taught this week. 


Science – To investigate reversible and irreversible changes, make predictions and present results.
Geography - To identify the position and significance of the tropics od cancer and Capricorn and Arctic and Antarctic circles.

ICT – Go Control. To create a series of instructions using the “if” command

RE – To know about the festival of Holi

D&T - To carry out research into user needs.

French - To introduce the twelve months of the year.

Games (Football) – To build on skills to play a small sided, interclass competition.

PE – circuits – to focus on body tone within each exercise.


The Year 5 Team.