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Autumn Term

We've had another brilliant week in school!


Last week was 'Out of this World!' Aliens contacted us and questioned us all about the continents and oceans of the world and asked us to draw a map identifying which continent we lived in and which ocean we were near to.  They kept us busy by asking us to draw maps containing geographical features of the school grounds which showed the best location for them to land their space ship.  Finally the aliens arrived!!! With a bump... we've found the wrecked space ship but not the aliens...yet...




Look at what we've been doing in school...

Our Learning for week commencing                       21.09.20                     



The Way Back Home                     by Oliver Jeffers 

Our English learning will be based on the book 'The Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers. During the week we will start by creating a story map to help us retell the story, then think of questions we could ask the boy in the story before writing him a letter.  After that we will become poets, writing poems about friendship and loneliness.

The Way Back Home

Professor Brian Cox reading The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers.



In our maths lessons we are learning about measurement this week. We will be sorting objects in relation to the unit of measurement they are measured in.   Then we will be estimating the weight and length of objects before measuring them practically. After that we will be measuring liquid in a jug and reading the scale to see how many ml or litres it holds.

Topic - Geography 

Following last weeks exciting work we are hoping that the aliens will visit us soon.  To prepare we are going to improve our Mapping skills this week.  We will learn about drawing aerial views of our classroom, move on to creating aerial views of the school and then learn about compasses and how to use them! To finish the week we hope that the aliens will find our classroom and tell us about their home planet and it's geographical features.

Lesson 4 Geographical features- Zarnee

In our phonics lessons we are learning the w/wh, f/ff/ph, ow/ew  and oa/oe digraphs. We will be reading and writing these sounds in words and sentences. The tricky words we will be learning are were, there (spelling) and looked, called, asked(reading).