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Autumn Term

Welcome to Foundation 2!



This week it has been Careers week and we have been thinking about what careers we could choose when we are older ! 


Here is what we are learning about for the week beginning

23rd November 2020.




Literacy –  We are reading a new book called 'Astro Girl' and learning about Space! We will be writing about what we might pack in our back pack if we visited the moon! 




Maths – We are learning all about subtraction this week and the special signs - and =. 





Phonics - We are learning to listen for, recognise and write the sounds g,o,c and k and working hard to blend the sounds as we read and write.

What can you find that uses these sounds?



Topic This week, we will be finding out about space and the solar system.


We will also be scientists investigating and carrying out lots of fun experiments!



Here are some photos of what we have been up to.

Please remember to bring in your PE kit (including warm outside kit) and to wear a waterproof coat. Don't forget to label all of your things so that you will be able to find them when they get lost. 

If your child is self-isolating at home, here is some of the work that we are doing at school this week:




What can you find out about Space? Talk to your grown up about Space and the solar system, maybe you can use the internet to find out some fun Space facts? What would you pack in your back pack if you visited Space? Can you write a list of items you would take?


Ken Wilson-Max reads 'Astro Girl'

This is Ken Wilson-Max reading his brilliant book Astro Girl!


Count out some blocks or toys. How many do you have? Take some away. Now how many do you have? Explore subtracting 1 and 2 more to your number. Have a go at saying the clever number sentence to go with your bricks. Eg. 4-2=2


Ask your grown up to write the signs on large pieces of paper. Make some sums on the floor with your bricks to show your amazing subtraction. 

A fun and practical subtraction activity

Numberblocks - All the Sums | Learn to Add and Subtract

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Numberblocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: Subscribe for more Numberblocks: Join the ...


Practise writing the sounds g,o,c and k  - you could write them with paint, in a tray of rice, sand or salt! You could also practise writing the tricky words and, to, the, in  at, they, and go


This week we have learnt all of the sounds in Phase 2.

You may now have a whole set of Phase 2 flash cards. Hide the letters around your house and say the sounds as you find them.

(If you are missing any you can just write them on a piece of card or download a complete set here)


Super Power Words: Video 6: word - no (tricky words)

Learn tricky words / HFW in a fun way



What do you know about Space? Perhaps you could dress up as an astronaut and go on a mission to the moon. Or build a rocket and space backpack?





We are also carrying out experiments in school this week. Watch the videos below and see if you can have a go at home too? 



Static Electricity Experiment

Fun static electricity investigation using a balloon and tissue paper. Test how many tissue paper stars you can pick up after rubbing a balloon on your hair.

Try this straw rocket experiment (you only need to watch the first 36 seconds)

Helping Your Child at Home

A video presentation for parents of our F2 children.