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We are sure you will agree with us when we say that Online Safety (e-safety) is one of the biggest challenges facing parents and teachers today. At school, we constantly advise the children about how to stay safe online, but we know that the children do use social media sites and gaming platforms which allow them to share information and play games with strangers if the privacy settings are not correct. Many parents are very vigilant and monitor the children’s use of devices, however, we know that some children use devices without parental guidance.


On this page you will find advice to help you keep your child safe online.


Let’s face it, the internet is a fantastic place of discovery, fun and instant answers – as long as it is used sensibly and wisely. Unfortunately, we only have to watch the news to realise the dangers involved.


We should all work together to keep the children safe.

Fernwood Primary and Nursery School e-safety policy.

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