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Homework and Spellings


Welcome to the homework page, where you will find everything you need should you ever need extra copies of the homeworks or if your child has been absent when homework is given.


For you to know:

  • Each week we expect your child to be doing at least 30-40 minutes worth of homework. This will include maths, class and spelling homeworks
  • Maths homework will come home every week and will be based on what the children have been learning that week
  • Class homework will usually be given weekly, but sometimes there will be a carousel activity which may take 2 weeks. 
  • There will be a spelling list given every week. These words will be tested the following week. There is an expectation that the children will put 4 of these words into sentences. The hope is that the children will choose challenging words, to keep growing their vocabularies. Any extra assistance you can give with helping the children learn these words is much appreciated.
  • In addition, we would expect that every Y6 child is reading at least 20 minutes every day and recording their progress in their organisers. If you could sign each day to say you've seen it, that would be amazing.



Many thanks for your support.

Maths Homework

Below you will find the links to each week's maths homework. Please could you support your child with this as much as is necessary. Please get in touch if you feel your child has not understood a specific area - although we really appreciate the effort you are putting in at homes.