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Hello there and welcome to the Year 4 homework page.


Here you will find all the resources you need should anything be misplaced during the week. 


Just for you to know that each week your child will have homework to do. There will be a class homework, and maths homework and a spelling homework. All of this will have been explained to your child, with guidance about what to do.


Beyond this, please can you ensure your child is reading regularly at home. We think 10-20 minutes each day would be awesome and please can you encourage your child to record what they have been reading in their organiser everyday. You will also need to sign their organiser each week to say you've seen it.


Many thanks for all your support and feel free to get in touch with your class teacher if you have any issues.

Team 4.

For this half term we will be uploading homework and keeping the previous week's homework.

This website gives a good representation of what the Year 4 MTC will be like. Please practice these at home and keep an eye on the time you have for each question.

This half term we are using a carousel style bingo sheet. The idea is to choose one of the activities to complete and put into your green homework book. Remember, as this is a class homework, any task you choose should take a decent amount of time and represent a good amount of effort smiley

The Bingo Class Homework Sheet