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Information for the Infants

In these early stages, time spent talking with your children, supporting interests and exploring the world around them is invaluable in improving their vocabulary, knowledge and understanding and aids their social and emotional development.

Homework that may be set at the infants may include:

Children will get the most benefit from their reading book when their reading is supported by an older person in a comfortable setting. Reading with your child every day will help develop their reading skills and in turn their writing skills. We suggest you read with your child for about 10 minutes every day – a number of short sessions are better than fewer longer ones. 
Your child's reading diary will show a record of their reading journey and is a valuable means of sharing information between school and home.
As well as their weekly reading book, children may take home a borrowed book, however encouraging children to read anything anywhere will be of tremendous value.


We encourage children to use the Look, Cover, Write, Check method for learning their weekly spellings. Children will bring spelling lists home regularly. 

Sometimes children will be asked to carry out a challenge, research, bring in items to support a topic or maybe extend a subject with an activity designed by their class teacher.
Details will be sent home with your child, please remember to look in their book bag. This type of homework is optional. Please look at the year Group pages on the 
Our School tab to find details of any latest homework.. 


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