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Lunchtime at the Infants

Lunchtime at in the Infant building
Lunchtime at Fernwood Infant School is a positive social experience. We have meals cooked on the school premises by our Cook and her Assistant Cook who are both helped by our two Kitchen Assistants.
We aim to provide our children with a healthy balanced lunch and a safe, happy playtime.  Our school menu is regularly reviewed and aims at five fruit/vegetables a day.
The daily menu is on show in the reception area for parents and children to read.
If your child has a specific dietary requirement, please feel free to discuss this with us and we will try to accommodate their specific need.  We also cater for children who prefer a vegetarian diet and we regularly provide halal choice on the menu.

All our children are entitled to free high quality healthy school dinners.
Please click on the links to see more details of these 
Nottingham City Council's meals. 
There is also information about Halal choices.

Packed Lunches
We try to encourage those children who bring packed lunches to make healthy choices. Our school dinners do not contain any form of nuts and because of possible allergies, we do not allow children to bring any type of nuts to school as part of their lunchbox food.  No fizzy drinks or sweets are allowed.  We also discourage whole packets of crisps. Water or a fruit drink should be sent in a plastic flask or container—not a glass bottle please.
For children who prefer a packed lunch, we advise smaller portions—sandwiches cut into small portions and some chopped fruit etc.  Please ensure that any separate containers in the lunchbox are easy for your child to open.