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We are beginning to really think about our wellbeing and how important it is to look after ourselves, now more than ever. Mindfulness practices are really important and creating good mindfulness practices in Early Years can help children to feel calm and enable them to become more aware of their emotions. Mindfulness activities can teach children techniques to use when they need to calm down in every day situations or if they are feeling anxious. 


Here are some activities you can try at home:

Just One Breath- Breathing Activity 

-Find a relaxing place, sit comfortably and set up a timer for one minute. 
-Breath deeply in and out while paying attention to any sensations you notice or sounds you hear. 
-Take another slow deep break. Imagine the air moving down into your lungs and then back up.
-Take one more deep breath and hold it for a moment, then release it. 

Create A Glitter Jar 

-Find a jar or a plastic bottle and allow your child to decorate it however they like.
-Fill the bottle 3/4 of the way with water. Next add clear glue, food colouring and glitter, then give it a shake. 
-Seal the lid and you are ready to go.


Heartbeat Exercises

-Ask your child to jump up and down or do star jumps for one minute.
-At the end of that minute, have them place their hand on their heart and pay attention to how their heartbeat and their breathing feels.


Going On A Safari

-Go outside on an adventure, try picking up a small rock or touching a plant or flower.
-Notice the bugs or the birds. Take a moment to kneel down and touch the earth. 
-Walk mindfully paying close attention to everything. Make sure you walk in silence because you don't want to miss all those little details. 

Yoga's incorporation of meditation and breathing can help a child's mental wellbeing. Yoga practices help create calmness, increase body awareness, relax the mind, centre attention and sharpen concentration.

Join in with this week's Cosmic Kids Mindfulness Video- 

Balloon (Peace Out: Guided Meditation for Kids) | Cosmic Kids

In this Cosmic Kids guided relaxation, we find a balloon and it carries us to our favourite place, a place where we feel strong and happy

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