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Rainforest Webquest

Tupi lives with his family in Brazil's rainforest. Generations of his family have lived simply with his tribe, collecting what his family needs to live from the forest, being careful to protect the environment that they share with the rainforest's creatures.  

McDonalds now intend to buy and clear the land for cattle to graze so that they have more beef for their burgers. Tupi will be rich enough to send his children to school and to buy a home full of the latest gadgets but his part of the rainforest will be lost forever.
As Rainforest Manager, it's your job to decide what will be best for everyone.
To make the best decision, you will need to research the facts.

Make notes in your fact finder to help you.


Now you have all the facts you need to make your decision.

Will you allow McDonalds to clear a space for their cattle ranch? 

How can we still get the things we need from the rainforest without damaging it beyond repair?