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Reading at Fernwood Primary and Nursery School

At Fernwood Primary and Nursery School we want all children to be able to confidently and competently read fluently and with comprehension at an at least, age related expectation. 


We aspire to enthuse all children to be 'readers' - readers to gain information, readers to test out ideas, readers to read aloud, readers to recite poetry, readers whose desire it is to seek out new words, readers who have a desire to read and a love of books. 

We love celebrating reading at Fernwood Primary! Take a peek at our reading areas and displays :-)

Fernwood Primary and Nursery school's

book spine

We love sharing books at Fernwood Primary and Nursery school and each year the children are introduced to a set of books that will support their learning, encourage their curiosity and promote a love for reading. 


The books used in each year group are from different authors, different genres and are vocabulary rich. Have a look at the books your children will be reading in their school year. 


Read the synopses of some of the books featured in our book spine - Do you think you'll enjoy reading the book?

Authors of the fortnight

As a way of exploring different authors and reading lots of new books, we thought we would start 'Author of the fortnight'. 


Every fortnight we will find a new author and read parts of or one of their books in our videos.

If you like the story you will then be able to go and see if you can find a copy in your classroom to continue reading or see if you can find it in your local library.


Under each video you will find a picture of the author and more of their exciting books. 


We hope you enjoy the books and authors, 


Mrs Lambert and Mrs Bonella :-)  

Herman's holiday by Tom Percival for Nursery and Foundation

Relax and enjoy 'Herman's holiday' written by Tom Percival. Have you ever had a holiday like Herman's? What would you have done to cheer your friend up? Shar...

Tom's Magnificent Machines by Linda Sarah and Ben Mantle Year 1 and 2

Listen to Mrs Lambert read Tom's Magnificent Machines. Have you ever invented anything? What would you create to make everything better again?

Toad Rage by Morris Gleitzman Year 3 and 4

Listen to Mrs Bonella read the opening paragraph. Does it make you want to read on and learn more? If so keep a look out in your classroom or local library f...

Time Travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford Year 5 and 6

Sit back and enjoy listenening to Mrs Bonella read the first chapter of 'Time Travelling with a Hamster'. What do you think is going to happen? Would you go ...

Recommended reading lists

Take a look at the document below to find a range of books suitable for your children to read from Foundation stage up to Year 6.

You could set yourself a challenge and see how many of the books you could read while you are in that year. Which are your favourites and why? 

Happy reading :-) 

Book recommendations

Take a peek at what the adults and children at Fernwood Primary and Nursery school have been reading.

Read their recommendations and see if you would like to read the book or share it with a friend. 

Reading website to explore - ebooks, games and quizzes!