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We are very excited to be starting up a ‘Look for a Book’ hunt around the school grounds. We have hidden lots of books outside around the school for you to find. When you find a book, if it is one that you are interested in reading, please take it home to read. When you have finished, please write a little note on the paper inside the plastic wallet to say what bit of the book you enjoyed most and then hide it somewhere new around the school grounds.


For many of the books that we have hidden, we have put a short video clip of us reading the start of the book here. Please take a look at all of the videos to help inspire you in finding something exciting to read.


If you have books or comics at home that you no longer want, please feel free to bring them to school and hide them around the school grounds for others to find and enjoy. Please, please make sure that you when you hide books, that they are in a sealed waterproof plastic wallet so that they don’t get wet in the rain.


Happy hunting and happy reading,


Mrs Bonella and Mrs Lambert

Gilbert In Deep

We hope that you enjoy hearing about Gilbert and his adventure.

Goosebumps The Werewolf of Fever Swamp

Listen to the first chapter of this exciting book to see what creepy things are in store for the main characters.