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Fernwood Primary & Nursery School Safeguarding Mission


Our Safeguarding Mission sits within our Safeguarding Protocol and our Safeguarding Policy. At Fernwood Primary & Nursery School we fully recognise our duties and responsibilities in regards to safeguarding – it is our number one priority in everyday school life. We shall endeavour to ensure that:-

• The site is safe and secure

• All personnel working with children are safe to do so and are recorded on the Single Central Record

• All necessary measures have been taken in regard to possible risks ranging from playground activities, trip activities, learning activities, food allergies, medicines, hygiene

• All necessary measures are taken to prevent bullying and to resolve bullying issues • Emergencies have been considered and planned for

• All staff act as an advocate for the child, listening to the child’s voice and acting accordingly to safeguard a child/family of children

• All staff adhere to the Whistleblowing policy

• All staff will follow the Safeguarding Protocol and in so doing challenge other agencies who do not respond proactively

Designated Safeguarding Leads

If you need to report a safeguarding concern, please contact:



phone: 0115 9155727


or email any of the DSLs directly.

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