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Spellings and Homework

This is the page to find everything related to Year 5 homework.


The new homework system is now ready to go :-)


Each week, your child should now have 4 homeworks! They are all relatively short though.


There will always be one Class Homework. This will be related to things we have been learning about in class, possible a research topic, or things not specifically related to literacy or numeracy.


There will be one set of spellings per week - and this will be related to what colour group your child is in for their literacy groups. Please make sure you don't do BOTH the attachments! Your job will be to learn the words each week, ready for a test in class at the end of each week - and then to submit sentences on the back of each sheet, showing that you have understood what each word means - as building vocabulary is very important.


There will then be two maths homeworks. One will be based on the learning that we have been doing that week in numeracy lessons. Your child should have a working knowledge of all the topics assigned, as we will have been learning about this topic all week. The second maths homework will be an arithmetic challenge. We felt this was important as a solid understanding of add, take away, times and divide will be invaluable in accessing learning in maths lessons: if can do these things quickly and with solid understanding, you are free to dive into the problem solving.


Your child should complete UP TO their colour. For instance, Green maths group will complete from question 1 - up to the final question in their colour group. They are not required to finish the entire sheet. Purple group will be required to complete all questions on both sides of these homeworks.


If you have any issues or questions about homework, don't hesitate to get in touch with your child's teacher.


We will aim to mark all homeworks together on Thursday of each week, which is when all the homework is due. It will be given out the following Friday for the week ahead.


NB If there is no RED work attachment, that means this group are required to complete the BLUE level work.