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Hello lovely year 2's,

We hope that you are all happy and healthy!

Here are some more fun activities to keep you busy and we cannot wait to hear  all about what you been up to when we are back at school.

See you soon,

Mrs Dorrington, Miss Garaguso, Mrs Langley, Miss Leedham and Mrs Lambert smiley


Learning for week beginning 30th March


Read your favourite book at home and complete one of the following activities -
* Act out the story taking on different roles using lots of dialogue and expression

* Design a new book cover and write a blurb

* Create a new character for the story and write a new ending

* Draw a story map using labels and illustrations to show what happened from the beginning to the end

*Enjoy sharing books together - you can read your favourite books and your grown ups can enjoy reading to you too!

*Listen to Oliver Jeffers read his books and have a vote about which you think is the best!


* Use the expanded noun phrase guide sheet and see how many different phrases you can write - don't forget to read them out to your family and see if you can make them laugh!

* Can you create your own minibeasts information sheet with questions for your family to read and answer?

* Google some fun facts about your favourite topic and create a quiz for you to complete with your family after tea one night

*Visit the website 'Once upon a picture' - choose your favourite picture and write a story about the picture - you can include lots of different skills - adjectives, adverbs, suffixes, alliteration and even similes!

Phonics Play is offering a free download of their app while the children are at home! Happy phonics and reading :-)

Spelling homework 30.3.20

World of Books

Don't worry if you've run out of books!

Explore the "world of books" to read a wide range of  books. There might even be some books in there to help you research facts. Enjoy!

Fun activities incase the weather isn't great - see how many you can tick off! Enjoy!

Fun activities incase the weather isn't great - see how many you can tick off! Enjoy!  1
Fun activities incase the weather isn't great - see how many you can tick off! Enjoy!  2


Hello all you wonderful mathematicians, we are going to follow 'White Rose Maths' home learning activities which we think you will really enjoy.  There is a video to help your learning then some activities to complete.  You will find 5 activities, one for each day.

Please click on the link below.

Problem Solving and Reasoning

The aim of the game is to match pairs of numbers, use your reasoning skills to help you work out the answers, think...

How do you know when a card matches another card?
Can you remember where particular cards are to help you match the pairs?

Use these activities to practice your mindfulness at home

Picture 1
Picture 1