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We would like to wish you all a great Easter and say a huge thank you to all of you who have been working so hard during these challenging times. You should be proud! Although this holiday probably won't be as planned, make the most of spending time with your loved ones.

Below you will find a collection of Easter activities to hopefully keep you entertained. Normal curriculum work will resume in two weeks time (20th April - Miss Cronin's birthday... I won't tell you how old!).



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Read the poem and decide who has eaten Miss Cronin's Easter eggs. Your task is to then write a poem solving the mystery.


I walked into my cupboard where I had stashed my Easter eggs,

When suddenly it dawned on me…

A couple of weeks ago there were twenty; but now there are only three!


Miss Clare loves chocolate…

Could it be her?

I mean she did give it up for Lent…

It can’t be – that’s what I’ll infer.


Now Mr Wildman has a sweet tooth,

And he doesn’t know when to stop,

Perhaps he ran out of sugary supplies,

Therefore, raided my cupboard instead of the shop!


Then there’s Mr Newell…

Yes, he goes to the gym a lot,

But who’s to say with this Covid-19 outbreak that he hasn’t completely lost the plot!


Of course my eggs were there a while,

I might have even had a few…

But did I have them all?

Maybe that’s a clue!

Who's guilty?!

Who do you think ate the eggs?! Can you think of a comical ending?

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PE with Joe


Joe Wicks is still working as the nation's PE teacher during the holidays so try and get involved. The more exercise you do, the more eggs you can eat! We would love to see some photographs of you working out with Joe Wicks - tweet us @FernPrimary   #FNPSpewithjoe


Thank you to Jack Reeves for tweeting his workout photo - the dog is even joining in! Take a look at Mrs Giles disguised as Joe Wicks himself!


Have fun!


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We have attached a booklet with lots of Easter maths problems. The answers have also been attached for you to check.


Easter inspired origami


Using YouTube tutorials, create some Easter origami.

A couple of links are below:

Please tweet some of your creations @FernPrimary #FNPSorigami


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Easter Word Challenge


Can you find all of the hidden words? Perhaps you could challenge a family member - who can find them all first?!

Easter egg hunt


Can you create an Easter egg hunt for another member of your family? Create clues so they know where to look next.


Tweet us some of your sneakiest hiding places  @FernPrimary  #FNPSegghunt

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The Easter Story


Read through the PowerPoint and complete the reading comprehension task (there are three differentiated reading tasks - easiest to hardest). Once you have a good understanding of the story of Easter, put this into your own words and add pictures. You could create a comic strip, a PowerPoint, a book - the choice is yours!

Create an Easter card


During these uncertain times, we have all been advised to stay home; consequently, you probably won't get to see many loved ones. A nice idea that will put a smile on their faces is to send them an Easter card with a thoughtful message inside.





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Get Baking!


We know from our cake baking in school how creative you all are- future Bake-Off stars- so perhaps you could try making a tasty treat for your family.


Teresa sent us some pictures of a cake she baked for staff at the QMC!

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