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Spring Term

Week Beginning 17th January 2022


It is Week 3 in Year 5 and it’s another busy one! Olive and Cedar class are starting swimming on Monday afternoon and we hope they make a splash! We are also heading to outer space this week… well nearly! We are going to the Space Centre in Leicester (dates below).



18.1.22 Olive

19.1.22 Beech & Cedar

20.1.22 Birch & Maple


History - To study the reasons for the creation and location of Nottingham Castle.


Art - To apply the great artist’s skills in my own work (Create background.)


RHSE - To know about a wide range of emotions and feelings and how these are experienced in the body.


MusicTo identify different instruments in a Samba band.


For your afternoon lessons, please look at the timetable here so you know which lesson your class are doing each day. Please do the correct lesson for your class.


Beech: Monday: RE, Tuesday: RHSE, Wednesday: Space Centre, Thursday: ICT, Friday: Art.


Birch: Monday: History, Tuesday: RHSE, Wednesday: Music, Thursday: Space Centre, Friday: Art.


Cedar: Monday: Swimming, Tuesday: French, Wednesday: Space Centre, Thursday: History, Friday: Art.


Maple: Monday: French, Tuesday: RE , Wednesday: History, Thursday: Space Centre, Friday: Art.


Olive: Monday: Swimming Tuesday: Space Centre, Wednesday: History, Thursday: Art, Friday: ICT.