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Spring Term

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The Easter Holidays


We hope you enjoy your well deserved holiday with your family. Please find below some activities you might want to do over the holidays. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.


The Year 2 Team.




Here are a few reading comprehensions for you to complete. Please find the level which is right for you. 

English Homework - Diary recounts


As we have been writing recounts in our English lessons, we would like you to keep a diary about all of the exciting things you have been doing in the holidays.  You could take a photo of a place you have visited or activities you have done in your garden and write some sentences about them. Either choose your favourite day and use the blank template provided or use the daily diary template, writing a short recount of each day for a week of the holiday. Remember to include the skills we practiced before the holidays, such as time conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions and feelings. 


Here are some maths activities to help you practise your skills.

There are some great Maths games on the free website Topmarks, I've included some which are listed below, do investigate the site and find your favourites.







This week we are focusing on writing recounts. A recount is a piece of writing that gives details about an event that has happened. This week, we are going to be writing a recount about making our box model animals. We are also going to be learning about the features of recount writing and also editing our own recounts! Due to Geography Day on Thursday, there are only 3 English lessons this week.

Home Learning for English



Maths Review

This week we are completing a Maths review. This is a set of 3 stand alone lessons about different areas of Maths that the teachers would like to cover again. The areas of Maths we will be covering this week are Geometry, Place Value and Multiplication. There are only 3 Maths lessons this week due to Geography Day on Thursday.




Home Learning Guide for Maths





This week in Topic our focus is Science and we are going to be learning all about Mini Beasts! We are going to be learning how to classify them based on their characteristics, studying Mini Beasts in their microhabitats and also looking at plants in their habitats. As we have Geography Day on Thursday, there are only 3 topic lessons this week. 


In phonics this week, we would like you to practise reading and writing words with the following phonemes.


Lesson 1 - look at the alternative are trigraph - which sounds like 'air', for example, flare, care

Read the words - spare, nightmare, scarecrow

Practise writing the words by counting the sounds carefully using your fingers to help.

Write the sentence - I was aware of a scarecrow in my nightmare…

Finish the sentence by using the conjunction even though


Lesson 2 - look at the alternative ear trigraph - which sounds like 'air', for example, pear, bear.

Read the words - wear, tear, swear blending each sound as you read. 

Practise writing the words by counting the sounds carefully using your fingers to help.

Read the following sentences - 

The bear ate a pare whilst wearing a tutu.


Lesson 3 - look at the alternative augh quadgraph -  which sounds like 'or' - for example daughter, taught, caught

Read the words - daughter, naughty, distraught blending each sound as you read.

Practise writing the words by counting the sounds carefully using your fingers to help.


Write and complete the following sentence:

My naughty daughter caught the ball...


Finish the sentence with the conjunction when


Lesson 4 - Recap session - to recap the new trigraphs ear, are, augh  

Read the words - scarecrow, nightmare, square, bear, pear, swear, naughty, daughter, taught. 


The square bird pecked the scarecrow angrily.


The bear ate a pear on his way to the market.


The naughty daughter ran screaming into the woods.


Write the following sentence:

The boy was distraught when his naughty sister ate his pear and stole his bear.




Remember to keep practising the year 1 and 2 spelling words. Make sure in all your written work, you are thinking about how these words are spelt. 



Below are six mindfulness activities to try at home.  These breathing techniques can have a very positive impact on concentration and wellbeing so are a perfect way to start each day.  We hope you enjoy them!