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Spring Term

Week beginning 19th April 2021

Hello Team 6!

We hope you have had a wonderful two week break and are feeling rested and ready for the summer term 😊.


This week we are learning:

EnglishTo write a speech using effective language.

Maths – To use and understand the four quadrants.

History- To understand how the British monarchy began and the impact of Alfred the Great.

Science- To understand how the respiratory system works.

Art To create texture through lines and colour inspired by Barbara Brody.

PE- To be able to catch a ball with two hands in a game.

PSHE- To understand the Human Rights Act and the UN convention on the Rights of the Child.

French - To recognise personal pronouns.

If you are isolating and working from home:
Afternoon Lessons

For your afternoon lessons, please look at the timetable here so you know which lesson your class are doing each day. Please do the correct lesson for your class each day.

6NB: Monday: French,   Tuesday: History,   Wednesday: Science,  Thursday: PSHE and games , Friday: art and PE

6B: Monday: Art and French,   Tuesday: History,   Wednesday: PSHE and PE,  Thursday: Science , Friday: ICT

6P: Monday: French and PSHE, Tuesday: History, Wednesday: PE, Thursday: Science, Friday: Art