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Half Term Week 


Hello Year 3. Happy half term!  We have really enjoyed seeing all your hard work that you have been doing at home, please keep sending it in.  We hope you have a great week this week.

Here are some fun challenges and activities for you to have a go at if you get chance.  smiley


Miss Robinson's Challenge:  'The TIM TAM SLAM'. 

The 'Tim Tam' is a popular chocolate biscuit native to Australia. It consists of two wafers of malted biscuit which sandwich a creamy chocolate filling, with the whole thing being held together by a thin outer layer of chocolate. (Penguin biscuits are the same in this country.)  By nibbling away part of the biscuit, you can drink through it in the same way you would a straw!  A cup of warm milk might be nice for you and a cup of tea for your grown ups. 

Miss Henninger's Challenge:  Grow your own avocado!

Have you ever had an avocado?  Have you ever wondered what you could do with the large stone in the middle?  Well, like Miss Henninger, you could have a go at using it to grow your own! 

Here is a photo of Miss Henninger's so far.            An avocado tree:


Miss Hill's Challenge:  'The Malteser Challenge'


You probably know that Miss Hill loves Maltesers!  But can you roll a Malteser from your forehead down into your mouth?  No hands!


Good luck! smiley

Miss McGarvie's Challenge: a secret mission! ssssshhh!


Can you create a secret message using lemon juice?  You will need a grown up to help you with this.  Watch this video and then have a go.  ssssshhhhhhhh!




Mrs Fitchett's Challenge:  Baking smiley


Cook or bake something you have never done before.  

Here are some of the things Mrs Fitchett is going to try:


We would love to see photos of the results! 

Email them to us or post them on our school Twitter page @Fernprimary.   

Mrs Frost's Challenge:  Jokes!

We all love laughing at jokes don't we!  It is good for you to have a giggle with others. smiley 

Can you learn some new jokes and then tell them to some people who haven't heard them before?

If you look on our Twitter page, you will see some of the teachers telling jokes.

Here is one of Mrs Frost's: 


What did one door say to the other door?


You are a-door-able!!!    smiley


We can't wait to hear your jokes!

Even more challenges:


* make your own bird feeder


* make your own obstacle course for you and your family


* tidy your bedroom!


* make a den big enough for all your family to eat their tea in!


* bird spotting.  How many different birds can you see?  Can you identify them?


* how long can you last playing the 'yes/no' game?  You aren't allowed to say YES or NO!  It's so tricky!

Have a good half term everybody.  We miss you all very much.


Remember to look at Miss Hill's videos of her reading the new David Walliams book 'SLIME' in our videos section. 



Have a look at some of the brilliant work we have been doing at home!

Spy Girl

Still image for this video
Olivia's has filmed and edited a fantastic Spy Girl film trailer using iMovie.

The Tube

Still image for this video
Harry has created a fantastic video recreating the London Tube Map.

Story Time with Miss Hill!

Miss Hill is going to be reading David Walliams new book Slime over on the Videos section of the Year Three pages. She will be reading a chapter or two every day so come and join her and let's share a really good book together. The first parts are already uploaded so don't forget to check back for the next installment.

See you there!

Year 3 Week 5 Summer Term


We hope that you have had a great weekend and have managed to get out and enjoy some of the brilliant sunshine.


Here are this week's home learning activities for you to complete if you get time. If you have any questions or need anything else, please just ask. Our email addresses are on the previous page.


English - Letter writing

This week as your English task we would like you to write a letter to your teacher. We ask you to find some examples of informal and formal letters, plan a letter and then write your own!


Task 1 - Find examples of letters and identify the features. This could be from a book in your house, examples found online or letters that have been sent to you and your family. 

Are these letters formal or informal? How do you know? Jot down some ideas on similarities and differences.
Do you remember when we looked at the letters in 'Dear Teacher' by Amy Husband? Which style were these letters written in. If you need a quick reminder here is a video of the book.


Task 2: Now you can plan your own letter! We would love for you to write the letter to us. Make it as creative as you can, just like Michael did in his letters. I can't wait to hear about how you rode camels across the desert and took a rocket into space during your time out of school.

Make a mind map or your ideas! Use the features you found from the previous t

Think about:

  • What you like to include in your letter? 
  • What would your teacher like to know about?
  • Can you think of rhetorical questions to ask?
  • Challenge: How will you organise your paragraphs?


Task 3: Write a good copy of your letter. 

Things to include: fronted adverbials (time, place, how), conjunctions (FANBOYS), expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective noun), a range of punctuation.


Informal letter

Formal letter

- To _______,

- Informal chatty style of writing

- Some pictures/emoji/doodles

- Informal language (Gonna, Yo!, It’s mega!)

- chatty ending (See ya soon )

- Address in the top corner

- Dear _____,

- Paragraphs around different themes

- Engage the reader (using the word YOU)

- Rhetorical questions to link paragraphs

- Yours sincerely,


Extra Challenge:

Try to include:
- Rhetorical questions

- Direct speech (quotes from the people you may have visited on your travels)

- A concluding sentence which makes the reader want to reply.


Have fun and be creative. Upload your letters to our school twitter page @fernprimary. We can't wait to read them!



Remember to have a go at this week's spellings. You should be looking at the spelling rule - possessive apostrophe with plural words.

These can be tricky to remember so make sure you challenge yourself to have a go. The spellings can be found in the booklet we sent home with your child just before school closed. If your child has different spellings in their booklet, please focus on those. If you have any question, please ask.

Reading Activities

To practise your inference skills, have a go with this picture grid. Can you answer the questions about the picture you see? Remember, inference means using the clues you see to make guesses about what is happening.

If you enjoy using the pictures as a way of finding information, have a look at the website Pobble365. They have a different picture each day with different activities to complete.

Here is a picture you can use:

Here is a picture you can use: 1

Reading Comprehension

I know that you will have heard all about Captain Tom Moore who has been raising lots of money for the NHS.
If you would like to there is a Reading Comprehension for you to have a go at. Remember that 3* is the hardest. Have a go and challenge yourself.


For Maths this week, we would like you to follow the activities on the White Rose website. There is a video to watch and then there are activities for each day.

The focus for this week is fractions.


This is the link for the video:


Miss Robinson's Maths group

If you would like to, have a go at these maths activities.


Times Tables Songs

Those of you who are missing singing with Miss Robinson, here are the links to the songs for you to practise.


5x table song:


3x table song:


4x table song:


11x table song:


Times Tables Rockstar

Remember to keep going on TTRockstars and getting as many coins as you can. Miss McGarvie is up for a challenge and she would like you to challenge her. Get practising - can you beat the teacher?

Topic 1 - Geography

What do you think a coastal town is?

Watch this video and see if you can come up with a definition of what a coastal town is.

Have you ever been to a coastal town? If you have can you make a list of all of the features you remember. What makes it different to a city like Nottingham?


Use the internet and any information books you have at home to research a coastal town and its features. Some examples are - Scarborough (Miss Robinson's hometown), Blackpool, Margate, Skegness and Bognor Regis.

Have a think about what the key features of a coastal town are. What do they all have.


We would like you to design your own coastal town. You could do this in the form of a birds eye view with labels (just like we did for our Stone Age settlements).  Remember to give it a name and make it really exciting to visit.


Things you could include:

Sandy beach


A Pier

Parking for the tourists

A range of food outlets


A small theme park


Lifeboat station

Shops for seaside toys


Something historical (castle)

Fishing area

Sealife centre

Information centre


Writing challenge:

Can you create a persuasive leaflet explaining to visitors why your coastal town is the best one to visit. Remember to include an overview of all of your key attractions but also what makes your coastal town stand out from all of the rest.
Some examples: a live band performing on the beach every afternoon, the highest rollercoaster over the sea, the only ice cream shop in the world to sell a cone that is 1 metre long.

Topic 2 - Character Curriculum

This week in school we would have been looking at the area of Tolerance.

We would like you to have a discussion with your family about what tolerance means to you.


  • Can you come up with a definition of 'tolerance'?
  • What does tolerance look like?
  • How can we show tolerance?
  • What would happen if no one was tolerant?



Can you make your own video explaining what tolerance is and how we can all show tolerance in our lives. We would love to see these on our school twitter page - @fernprimary.

Just for fun activities


This week's A-Z challenge:


Write an A-Z of things you miss about school


Reading book challenge:


Can you name the titles of these well know children's books?

Can you name the authors?



Have a fantastic week! Keep safe and keep working hard!