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Summer Term 1

Week Commencing Monday 16th May 2022


Last week in Art, the children used their mono prints mixed with other media to create a final piece which looked amazing – well done! This week, we will continue working with natural materials to create expressive patterns. Not only that, the Road Safety Quiz 2022 will take place to help us understand how to stay safe when travelling on the road. The theme this year is The World Cup!


For your afternoon lessons, please look at the timetable here so you know which lesson your class are doing each day. Please complete the correct lesson for your class each day.


Science - To describe the life cycle of a bird.


History (Mayans) – Vocabulary and Knowledge


RE – To understand places and things that Humanists find inspiring.


Art –To use environmental materials to create an expressive pattern.


French – To be able to talk about my home.


Beech: Monday: Swimming, Tuesday: Road Safety Quiz, Wednesday: Science/Music, Thursday: RHSE, Friday: Art/RE


Birch: Monday: Science, Tuesday: Music, Wednesday: RE Thursday: RHSE/French , Friday: Art


Cedar: Monday: Science, Tuesday: Games/RE, Wednesday: Art, Thursday: ICT, Friday: History


Maple: Monday: Science, Tuesday: Music, Wednesday: RE Thursday: RHSE/French, Friday: Art


Olive: Monday: Swimming, Tuesday: RE, Wednesday: Science, Thursday: Art, Friday: Games/ICT.