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Summer Term

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Our learning for wc 16.5.22

This week we are looking at a new book called ‘The Traction Man’ by Mini Grey, we are all really looking forward to finding out about his super powers. In Maths we are learning about measurement- we will be using a ruler to measure length and height in mm and cm. Our topic this week is R.E, we will be learning about different religious leaders. In addition to this, we will be doing our Maths SATS.


Are you ready for Traction Man?



Traction Man is here-

Books Alive! Read aloud Traction Man is here by Mini Grey. The everyday hero performing extraordinary bravery in the realms of the home. All in a days work f...

Day 1- Please have a look at the story ‘Traction Man’. Have a good look at the front cover and think about what might happen in the story. Take a look at the vocabulary from the story and place this in the vocab zone. Remember words that appear the most place in the middle zone.


Day 2- To use the pictures to make inferences.


Day 3 - Can you write an alternative ending to the story? Think really carefully about what has happened so far and allow that to help you consider what might happen next.


Day 4- To create a comic strip of the attack.


Day 5- To design an outfit for traction man.




Day 1- Today Year 2 will be sitting their Maths Paper 1. Please take a look at some Maths revision material for them to have a go at.


Day 2- Today Year 2 will be sitting their Maths Paper 2. Please take a look at some Maths revision material for them to have a go at.


Day 3- Today we are comparing length and height. Use the <>= to compare different lengths and heights, make sure you are looking at the measurement carefully before comparing. (e.g 32cm< 32m) Which measurement is bigger cm or m?


Day 4- Today we will be measuring in cm using a ruler. Take a look at a ruler, what do you notice? Have a go at measuring a variety of objects using the ruler. Be sure to check you are starting at 0.


Day 5- We are measuring in metres today. We may need to use a metre stick, is there anything else we could use to measure metres? Sort objects that are longer or shorter than a metre.




This week in our Topic lessons, we are learning about religious leaders.


Day 1- We are going to be discussing different places of worship and looking at different religious leaders. We are going to be focussing on the religion Judaism and looking at a synagogue.


Day 2- We are going to look at different religious stories and think about the different leaders from these stories. We are going to be looking at stories from Christianity and Judaism.


Day 3- Today we are going to ask questions about leaders and recall stories that we have read over the week.




This week we are reviewing the sounds:

ph (phone)

wh (wheel)

ie (shield)

g (giant)


Please take a look at the PDF below and follow along.

Phonics planning



This weeks spellings to be tested on Friday 20th May

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