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Summer Term

Week beginning 21st June 

The children have produced some amazing art work during Big Arts Week.  They have created Pop Art using the Union Jack flag, used mixed media to create art linked to the Olympic logo and made medals.  It all looks fabulous and will be displayed in the Junior hall.  

If your child is self isolating, please use the resources on this online learning page to access the same learning we will be doing in school. Please only complete this work if you are not in school.  

For your afternoon Topic lessons, please look at the timetable below so you know which lesson your class is doing each day. Please do the correct lesson for your class each day.


Please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher if you have any queries or concerns.  The email addresses for each teacher can be found at the bottom of this page.


Thank you for your continued support.

The Year 4 Team smiley


This week we are learning:

English – To write a persuasive letter.

Maths – To practise times table facts in readiness for the Government's multiplication table check this week; To read and plot coordinates.

ScienceTo know the stages in the water cycle.

SRE - To describe the body changes that happen when a child grows up.

PE- To work cooperatively as a team.

RETo know what makes Jesus an inspiring leader for Christians.

MusicTo create a composition using contemporary inspiration.


Monday 21st June

Tuesday 22nd May

Wednesday 23rd June

Thursday 24th June

Friday 25th June

Topic (Afternoon) Lessons

4C:   Monday - RE; Tuesday – SRE, PE; Wednesday – Science; Thursday – ICT; Friday - Music

4H:  Monday - RE; Tuesday – Science; Wednesday – PE; Thursday - SRE; Friday - Music

4N:  Monday - SRE; Tuesday – PE; Wednesday – Science; Thursday – RE; Friday - Music

4HC:  Monday - RE, PE; Tuesday – Science; Wednesday – Music; Thursday - Team skills; Friday - ICT

4G:  Monday - RE; Tuesday – Science; Wednesday – SRE, PE; Thursday – Music; Friday - 

4C - 

4H -

4N -

4G -

4HC - amy.howard@fernwood (Monday-Wednesday)

4HC - (Thursday-Friday)