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Summer Term

Week beginning 21st June 2021

Hello Team 6!

What an excellent week we had last week! We all really enjoyed Big Arts Week and it was clear that you had a great time too. You all produced some wonderful Olympic themed art work and we’re looking forward to showcasing it all on our display in the school hall.


This week we are learning:

English: To write the opening scenes of an adventure story.


Maths: To convert between fractions, decimals and percentages.


Geography: To learn about Mountains in the UK and wider world.


RE: To learn about humanism and what makes it different to other



PSHE: To understanding feelings of being out and about in the local area with increasing independence.


Music: LO: To sing as part of a harmony.


Science: To explore ways of distinguishing between organisms that have similar characteristics.


French: To learn about regular ‘re’ verbs.

If you are isolating and working from home the work you need is below.


For your afternoon lessons, please look at the timetable here so you know which lesson your class are doing each day. Please do the correct lesson for your class each day.


6NB: Monday: music and French, Tuesday: Geography, Wednesday: Science, Thursday: RE, Friday: PSHE


6B: Monday: , Tuesday: , Wednesday:, Thursday: , Friday:


6P: Monday: French, Tuesday: ICT, Wednesday: Science, Thursday: Geography, Friday: DT


6W: Monday: Science , Tuesday: Geography , Wednesday:  French, Thursday: ICT , Friday: DT