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Fernwood Primary and Nursery School

School Uniform Policy

June 2022


All pupils at Fernwood Primary and Nursery School are expected to wear school uniform every day. Our school uniform identifies the children as members of the school community; taking pride in belonging to our community. The uniform supports the ethos of ‘smart and ready to work’.


If a family is experiencing a problem on any one day eg washing machine repair needs, clothing left at a parent’s house then as a school we are understanding to all concerned. If the problem becomes a longer term issue we would attempt to help the parents find a solution eg using our fund raising funds to buy new uniform or giving washed, nearly new items, in very good condition, to parents who need assistance.  


There are no sanctions for not wearing a uniform. We have a very good relationship with our parental body who themselves are proud to be part of the Fernwood ethos. If a problem did arise of non compliance we would consider each step carefully particularly the needs of the child and their inclusion in school.


If a child wore clothing to school which was inappropriate eg on a special dressing up day then the parents would be asked to bring the child an alternative piece of clothing for the child to wear.

We are always ready to make reasonable adjustments to the uniform to meet a child’s needs. A few of our children for whom buttons and zips are problematic in regard to fine motor control are offered adaptations to their uniform for example wearing jogger bottoms.


We represent a richly diverse area of Nottingham City and as such represent many different world religions, customs and beliefs. We embrace this privilege in our ethos and aims. We would only ask a child to remove or adjust an item of clothing or accessory if this was necessary due to health and safety concerns both generally or in a specific instance.


Our uniform is: -

  • A grey skirt/pinafore dress, a summer dress in red and white, grey or black trousers/shorts
  • A white shirt or polo shirt
  • A red jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Black flat shoes – not trainers.
  • Children are expected to have a coat to wear in cold and/or wet weather.


PE kit is:-

  • Black shorts with a white T-shirt
  • Warm clothing is required for the colder months – jogger bottoms/leggings or a tracksuit
  • Trainers.


All of these items can be bought from any supplier online or on the high street.


Our sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts with a Fernwood Primary and Nursery School logo are available from 3 outlets – Marks and Spencers online, Just-Schoolwear and Morleys, a local shop in Chilwell. The prices of these items are higher than those same items without the logo. It is completely a matter of parental choice whether or not to choose an item with a logo.


If the Executive Head Teacher and Governing Body decide that a change in uniform is required a full parental consultation would take place.


In an attempt to be environmentally friendly and a role model for recycling the school offers items of washed, nearly new items for a small donation, to all parents at given points in the school year plus regularly displaying lost property items to be reclaimed. Historically the Friends of Fernwood parental group has offered sale/donation nearly new clothing to parents. Parents often donate bags of clothing in good condition for the school to pass on to families.


Complaints in regard to school uniform would follow the same process and procedures as all complaints. Please see the Complaints Policy.