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We had a fun quiz at school. Have a go and see how many questions you get right!


Mrs Cropley reads Penguinpig by Stuart Spendlow. A fun story with a useful reminder about keeping ourselves safe online and it shows us that not everything o...

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The Year 1 teachers do the YMCA!

Story time with Mrs Mclaughlin

Mrs Spendlove's Story

Oscar got the Blame!

Dancing potion

Find out about bubbles, floating and sinking.

Mrs Jones reads 'The Wonder'

Mrs Stirling reads 'Don't tickle a tiger'

Storytime with Mrs Ecob

What will happen to Waterdog?

Find out about brown sauce

Make old things look like new using super science!

This Is Me!

We hope you enjoy our video for you all. We can't wait to see you all back in school soon! Remember to keep safe and more importantly have fun!

A message from Mrs Stirling

Hi Otters, I miss you very much! Here is a message from me and my two assistants! Lots of love Mrs Stirling

Hello Foxes!

Have fun making your own soap!

Number bonds march with Mrs Stirling

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Storytime with Mrs Moss

Why do we wash our hands?

Find out what soap does to those pesky germs.

Sing with Ms Kraven... It's Time to Say Hello!

Join in with all your favourite songs from our fun singing sessions!

Sing with Ms Kraven... Tingalayo

Join in with all your favourite songs from our fun singing sessions!

Storytime with Mrs Jones

Listen to Mrs Jones read one of her favourite stories! Also a sneak peak of Mrs McLaughlin!

How to complete a magic number board

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How to blend words in Phonics

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