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Whole School Curriculum Plan




Fernwood Primary and Nursery School

Whole School Curriculum Plan


Please see below our Whole School Curriculum Plan.


The intent is set out in this document, the implementation is the teachers’ planning, the impact is currently measured by a combination of teacher assessment in reading, writing and maths (see Assessment Timeline within annual Action Plan) and half termly impact interviews conducted by the Senior Deputy Head of School. We have identified assessment criteria in all other subjects - Key Learning statements.


We have considered and taken action to ensure that all curriculum subjects are fully covered and that the children will not encounter gaps within a subject which are too long or make learning disjointed or sporadic.

We have taken action to ensure that each year group covers their own material and that only planned repetition takes place when it is necessary eg layering of a concept in maths. We have attempted to plan a curriculum which embeds key concepts in a step by step approach, connecting new knowledge to existing knowledge, encouraging application of knowledge and skills.


We have listened to our teachers, children and parents and kept areas of knowledge and skill which year upon year have stimulated and appealed to the children eg Transport in Y1 including studies of the Penny Farthing, Y2 Alien Invasion, Y4 the visit from a Roman Soldier, Y6 the visit and insightful work that follows from the visit to Beth Shalom.


We have been true to our ethos and beliefs and kept within our plan - days, weeks, events which we believe have an impact upon our children’s development within their community and a future community. These include such events as our Faith and Culture Days, a celebration of our 47 languages and rich cultural diversity which is an integral part of our promotion of equality, respect and understanding of others together with that of belonging. This is an integral part of our Cultural Capital ‘essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement’. Please see all such areas identified in the last section of the plan.


The Whole School Curriculum Plan is finalised for the moment.  Future monitoring will continue to highlight a shortfall or gap yet to be recognised. This is all part of a healthy curriculum review.

The F2 curriculum has been thoroughly revised to meet the new statutory requirements for September 2021.


Teaching and Learning

The WSCP does not outline our dedication to the practice of high quality teaching and learning. This is the practice which regardless of the subject ensures that children learn and engage.

At Fernwood Primary and Nursery School this relies upon the expertise of our teaching staff, Teachers and Teaching Assistants.

This begins with thorough recruitment and interview procedures, constructive professional feedback, a rigorous Appraisal Cycle, internal development programmes together with effective training opportunities in school, locally or nationally.


In addition we prioritise teaching and learning strategies to focus upon every year.  These are highlighted in the annual Action Plan.

Within lessons teachers’ subject knowledge is expected to be accurate. Our pedagogy emphasises modelling of learning by the teacher, the teacher is the expert in the lesson. Modelling will take place at the beginning of the lesson and throughout, as and when required. Differentiation of learning is essential to match the pupils’ needs whether this is support to access the learning or challenge for the most able. Effective questioning and intervention in learning stops misconceptions becoming embedded and can prompt the next steps of learning.


Special Educational Needs and Disability

Please find attached examples of the ways in which we adapt the curriculum to match the needs of our children with SEND.


Pupil Premium

Please read our annual Pupil Premium Statement which explains how we attempt to ensure all of our Pupil Premium pupils receive a full entitlement with additional interventions.

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Curriculum Progression Document by Subjects

You can find termly curriculum information on our year group pages.